Citizens’ Climate Radio, Ep. 30: What does the Bible say about climate change?

Corina Newsome for Young Evangelicals for Climate Action

Corina Newsome from Young Evangelicals for Climate Action is one of the guests on the latest episode of Citizens’ Climate Radio.

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What the Bible says about climate change/global warming

In this episode of Citizens’ Climate Radio, three American Evangelicals consider faith, theology, and global warming. Kyle Meyaard Schaap and Corina Newsome from Young Evangelicals for Climate Action (YECA), along with Rev. Josh Gibson, pastor of Emmanuel Bible Fellowship Church in Pennsylvania, chat with podcast host Peterson Toscano about the Bible, stewardship, loving our neighbor, heaven, and God’s creationEarth. Discover how these Evangelicals approach the often-political topic of climate change, and learn how to connect with Bible believers, who may not consider themselves environmentalists but who care very much for what happens to people and to our earthly home.

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In this section of the episode, Peterson Toscano also creates a fictional persona called Tony Buffusio to explore the question “What does the Bible say about climate change?” He tells the story of Joseph in the book of Genesis, who lives in Egypt during a time of temporary regional shifts in the climate. Not only does he predict changes in weather patterns, he develops a plan of how to look after the people. Peterson is a Bible scholar with a passion for looking after the welfare of people who are affected by extreme weather events.


This month, we hear from Jay Greene in Salisbury, England. She tells us what her faith has to do with climate change. Since this is such a rich question, we want to keep it open another month. Here’s the puzzler:

Louis, someone you know from your faith community, asks why are you involved in climate change work. You say, “Lots of reasons, but a big part is because of my faith.” Louis looks puzzled. He asks, “Climate change? What’s faith got to do with it?” What do you say to Louis? How is climate change connected to your faith or religion or spiritual practice? What do you have to add to this topic?

Send Peterson your answers by December 10, 2018, along with your name, contact info, and where you are from. You can email your answers to radio @ or leave a voicemail of 3 minutes or less at (518) 595-9414 (+1 if calling from outside the USA).

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