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70 conservatives from across America to meet with Republican offices on climate


70 conservatives from across America to meet with Republican offices on climate

March 2024 — Later this month, conservatives from across America will gather in Washington D.C. for Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s annual Conservative Climate Leadership Conference and Lobby Day

“This is a really unique event,” says Drew Eyerly, Conservative Outreach Director for Citizens’ Climate Lobby. “How often do only Republicans and right-of-center individuals come to the Capitol to have discussions about climate change?” 

At least once a year, thanks to CCL! Our annual Conservative Climate Leadership Conference and Lobby Day, taking place March 19-20 this year, is exclusively for right-of-center individuals to explore climate change solutions that they will then take to Republican members of Congress during a day of lobbying. 

At the event on March 19, attendees will receive training and hear from a variety of thought leaders in the conservative climate arena, including:

Then on March 20, attendees will head to Capitol Hill to meet with Republican offices. Their focus in these meetings will be the BIG WIRES Act and other permitting reform proposals generating bipartisan interest among lawmakers.

In a post-lobbying reception in the Hart Senate building, CCL will recognize three Republican members of Congress for their leadership on the climate issue.

Given how polarized climate change is with the American public, this type of event is increasingly important. According to the Pew Research Center:

Nearly eight-in-ten Democrats (78%) describe climate change as a major threat to the country’s well-being, up from about six-in-ten (58%) a decade ago. By contrast, about one-in-four Republicans (23%) consider climate change a major threat, a share that’s almost identical to 10 years ago.

Because of that polarization, this conservative-only conference and lobby day makes a major impact. It makes clear to Republican members of Congress that conservatives are concerned about climate change for reasons that square with their own values and their constituency overall — its impacts on the economy, outdoor activities, national security, business, America’s energy infrastructure, and more.

“This is the perfect opportunity for you to come address those concerns and lend your voice to the conversation,” Drew tells fellow conservatives in a new video on social media.

The conference will be held at the Holiday Inn – Washington Capitol, 550 C Street SW, Washington D.C., 20024. interviews with attendees can be arranged upon request, and photos will be available after the event.

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