2022 Year End Appeal

Help fund the best lobbyists that money can’t buy

Citizens’ Climate equips everyday people with the training, resources, and support of a multi-million dollar lobbying firm—all on a nonprofit budget. We have the best lobbyists that money can’t buy. And, we’re effective.

Our volunteers have built strong working relationships with Republican and Democratic policymakers, which has allowed us to strategically push both sides on impactful climate policies. Congressional staff now reach out to us for help, and we’ve made incredible progress.

Just this year, we had our biggest win yet: Congress passed the Inflation Reduction Act, which included the biggest climate provisions in U.S. history. This is huge. Still, to ensure a healthy climate, we need more.

We’re rolling up our sleeves again: ready to advocate for the policies we need to meet—and even exceed—the climate goals set in the Paris Accords. We’ll focus on carbon pricing, healthy forests, building electrification and efficiency, and clean energy permitting reform. But we need your support: to hit the ground running and secure big climate victories in 2023, we need to raise $1.5 million by year end.

Support our grassroots advocacy

Our growing network of 210,000+ citizen lobbyists represents a powerful force elevating climate change as a top priority for Congress, businesses, the general public, and other key stakeholders. Your donation will help us reach, train, and mobilize even more dedicated citizen lobbyists—at a time when it matters most. Funding from this campaign will help us support and elevate volunteers like:


Hannah was crowned Miss Illinois Teen USA in 2021. During  her 2022 farewell tour, she used her platform to spread awareness of climate action, and explain the benefits of carbon pricing. Along the way, she showed her fellow Illinoisans across the state how rewarding citizen lobbying is. 

Name a paid lobbyist who has done THAT.


In 2019, Chris decided to really dedicate himself to engaging with local and regional media in support of climate action. He found that he wasn’t just good at crafting op-eds and getting them published: He was one of the best in the country. Chris has had a 600+ word op-ed published every month since 2019.

Name a paid lobbyist who’s done THAT.


Gigi, a Florida high school student, was determined to have a big impact on climate change. She might be too young to vote, but she’s not too young to organize. She got other students in her high school to join Citizens’ Climate, and now leads the Citizens’ Climate’s Broward Chapter, with over 400 members. Under her leadership, they’ve convinced their Congresswoman to introduce new climate legislation.

Name a paid lobbyist who’s done THAT.

When you donate to Citizens’ Climate, you’re supporting a nationwide network of the best lobbyists money can’t buy.

Note: Citizens’ Climate Education (CCE) is the 501(c)(3) tax-exempt sister organization to Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL). Donations made to CCE are tax deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law.

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