Monthly Meetings and Actions

The Monthly Meeting

Volunteers around the world gather locally each month for our group meetings to do four things:


We hear from a guest speaker on a different aspect of global warming science, politics, or policy.

Current and previous speakers


Celebrate our success, including growth, legislative progress, and published media from across the world.



We build on our knowledge and our ability to communicate it persuasively by practicing laser talks.

Laser Talks


Each month CCL provides coordinated actions for each chapter that build political will for a livable world.

Download action sheet

Current Actions for Citizens’ Climate Lobby Volunteers

Celebrate 2016 Successes and Plan 2017

As we begin a new year, this is a good time to look back and celebrate the successes we had in 2016 and determine how we can build on those successes in 2017. To help celebrate successes, use the field report and endorsement summaries sent on January 4th to all of our group leaders. To assist with planning, there is a worksheet included below.

At your meeting this month:

  • Review and celebrate your group’s successes – letters and op-eds published, meetings with members of Congress, outreach events, endorsements, etc.
  • Using the 2017 CCL Group Planning Worksheet (located in the Action Sheet), identify your chapter’s key objective for the year, your lobby plan, and actions to take when legislation is introduced. (Note: You may find it helpful to hold a special meeting just for planning, if you find you don’t have enough time in the regular monthly meeting for this.)

Call members of Congress to act on climate

As the 115th Congress begins its work, they need to hear from constituents that action on climate change should be a priority. Phone calls to congressional offices can have an impact.

At your meeting this month:

Have each of your members take a few minutes to call the Washington offices of their representative and senators and leave a message urging them to take action on climate change.

You can reach them by calling the congressional switchboard – 202-224-3121 – and asking to be connected to your member of Congress. You can also use the CCL action tool to call Congress at In the event that an office does not take voicemail or has a full mailbox, call the district office. If that does not work, schedule a call for Monday.

Suggested message:

“Hi. This is [YOUR NAME] calling from [YOUR CITY]. I want you and all of Congress to make addressing climate change a key issue this year because [insert your own reasons here]”.

If calling a Republican, you may want to say, “I want you and other Republicans to…” so as to focus on the party in control and make it clear you think this is a place where Republicans should lead.

Download this month’s action sheet to find this month’s laser talk skills practice.