Monthly Meetings and Actions

The Monthly Meeting

Volunteers around the world gather locally each month for our group meetings to do four things:


We hear from a guest speaker on a different aspect of global warming science, politics, or policy.

Current and previous speakers


Celebrate our success, including growth, legislative progress, and published media from across the world.



We build on our knowledge and our ability to communicate it persuasively by practicing laser talks.

Laser Talks


Each month CCL provides coordinated actions for each chapter that build political will for a livable world.

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Current Actions for Citizens’ Climate Lobby Volunteers

Ask friends to support expansion of CCL’s D.C. staff

CCL volunteers have done incredible things in our nation’s capital, encouraging Republicans to go public with their climate concerns and recruiting new members for the bipartisan House Climate Solutions Caucus.

Now CCL plans to deepen its support for our volunteer work by hiring two new staff members to our D.C. team. Raising $17,000 in new monthly donations will allow us to hire staffers for both the House and the Senate, providing a larger day-to-day presence in Washington and ensuring that the voices of volunteers are heard.

Help us spread the word by inviting your email lists and social circles to join this effort. You can write your own invitation, or use the sample email below as a template. In either case, please note in your invitation that donations to this effort will not be tax-deductible, as they are going to CCL (a 501(c)4 organization). And, of course, convey our deep appreciation for all that your friends and family do to support our work together!

Donation Link:


Subject Line: Speak for the climate with us!

Dear friend,

As someone who is concerned about the effects of climate change, I volunteer with Citizens’ Climate Lobby because I see it as the best hope for bringing Republicans and Democrats together to enact solutions. I’m writing now to ask for your support and to consider becoming a monthly donor to this highly effective organization.

One example of the progress we’ve achieved is the formation of the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus, which now has 26 members – 13 Republicans and 13 Democrats. As our empowered citizen advocates continue to communicate with their members of Congress, we anticipate that the caucus will grow and reach critical mass sometime this year.

This and other breakthroughs have occurred despite the fact that CCL has only two full-time staffers in Washington. With your help, CCL will be able to hire two additional staffers with experience on Capitol Hill to accelerate our momentum.

Because these positions require lobbying, donations to this campaign are NOT tax deductible. A monthly contribution of any amount, though, will be greatly appreciated and can be done quickly and easily at the following link:

Thanks for your consideration. Together we can preserve a livable world for the children of today and tomorrow.

Write letters to the editor

Letters to the editor are always a great way to amplify your voice in the conversations we have with members of Congress. The more letters that a newspaper receives on a particular topic, the greater the chances that one of those letters will be published. So, even if your letter does not get published, you’ve provided an “assist” (in basketball scoring terms) for the volunteer in your group who does gets a letter in the paper. To facilitate this action, we suggest asking volunteers to bring a laptop, tablet or other device to compose letters.

At your meeting this month:

  • Bring recent editions of your local newspaper to your meeting and take a few minutes to comb through for letter to the Editor opportunities.
  • Listen to the 4 ½-minute recording from CCL Communications Director Steve Valk on constructing a letter to the editor:   (You may have to copy and paste the URL into your browser)
  • Have everyone choose an LTE opportunity and write a letter.  Time permitting, have one or two volunteers read their letter aloud.

Can’t find a recent LTE opportunity?

There are several topics in the news lately that your newspaper may consider:

  • Spring has sprung early in much of the nation, with February setting records for all-time high temperatures. This disturbing trend, attributable to climate change, is disrupting natural weather patterns on which we have long relied.
  • The new administration has started the process of rolling back regulations, like the Clean Power Plan, that were designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. With no help from the White House, we must now turn to Congress to enact effective climate solutions.
  • Speaking of effective climate solutions, the Climate Leadership Council, which includes Republican luminaries George Shultz, James Baker and Hank Paulson, made big news last month with their “Conservative Case for Carbon Dividends.” It calls for a carbon tax starting at $40 per ton with all revenue returned to households as quarterly dividends.


If you get published, be sure to…

  • Have the person in your group responsible for field reports submit your letter as soon as possible after publication.
  • Send your published letter to your group’s congressional liaisons so they can forward it to House and Senate staffers.
  • Share your letter on social media platforms. On Twitter, tweet your representative and senators with a link to your letter.

Climate Leadership Council vs. CCL proposal

Is the Climate Leadership Council proposal the same as CCL’s?

I’m glad you asked! There are some important differences, but overall CCL is very, very excited about the proposal and that the conservative luminaries who wrote the Conservative Case for Carbon Dividends have entered the national discussion. Only two individuals in the 20th century have served as both Secretary of State and Secretary of the Treasury, and they are both authors on this paper. We welcome their voices.

Their proposal has 4 pillars. Two of those pillars are virtually identical to CCL’s: the border adjustment and the 100% dividend. The price pillar is different than ours, with their plan starting higher and increasing more slowly than ours. We think our starting price and rate of increase will be better for the economy and yield larger emissions reductions. Their fourth pillar, regulatory roll back, is not a part of CCL’s proposal. However, since both proposals will yield greater emissions reductions than the regulations that were put in place, those rules would become unnecessary.




Learn more about the Climate Leadership Council’s Carbon Dividends proposal on CCL Community (registration required).