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Reginald Mitchell

Reginald Mitchell

Bitter Water born for Salt clan, Navajo Nation

Reginald Mitchell is a proud member of the Navajo Nation and a fifth-generation silver and turquoise artisan. He is Bitter Water born for Salt clan.

Raised following traditional beliefs and practices, he has tirelessly sought out indigenous wisdom from elders and teachers at home and around the world, applying it in his life and offering it to his students.

Reggie has taught martial arts and self-defense for more than twenty years, blending native teachings and eastern understandings of balance into his lessons. He also offers coaching programs to individuals, groups, schools, hospitals, and non-profits to help them function more authentically, ultimately guiding participants to the understanding of their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual connections to each other, their work, and the earth.

He reminds us that how to care for the earth lies within indigenous wisdom and teachings, and he encourages us to humbly and respectfully seek guidance from guardians of traditional ways.

He was introduced to CCL in 2017 through his wife, Claire Herrick, and is proud to serve on its advisory board.