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Ross Astoria, J.D./Ph.D

Ross Astoria, J.D./Ph.D


About Ross

Ross Astoria is a Professor at the University of Wisconsin at Parkside, in Southeastern Wisconsin, and a CCL volunteer since 2011. As a professor, he teaches courses in law, policy, and political philosophy. Ross has published on the interaction of carbon pricing with international trade law, utility law, the Clean Air Act, and environmental justice. Ross has served as Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s pro bono policy advisor and his colleagues at Parkside awarded him the outstanding research award for his work on the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. He is currently completing a book on U.S. climate policy.

As a CCL volunteer, Ross has served as a group leader and a CCL liaison to his member of Congress. He and his wife have two daughters. In his free time, Ross hikes, dances (Lindy Hop), and cooks.