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Action Teams

Find Your People

Find others who share your same skills, interests or perspective at CCL. Join one of our Action Teams.

Featured Action Teams

CCL volunteers, four women and one man, pose for a photo at the US Capitol

Higher Education

We empower students, educators, and their allies to build political will for climate solutions.

CCL volunteers meet with a legislator

People of the Global Majority

We're a community where Black, Indigenous, and People of Color can gather, share our stories, support each other, and express political will.

Older woman holding up a document while younger people cheer in the background


We support youth under 18 to be active, engaged, and empowered in building political will for climate solutions.

Elderly CCL volunteers meet in front of a member of Congress' office

Conservative Outreach

We're a national group for Republican, libertarian, conservative, and right-of-center independent CCL supporters to work together.