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CCL’s Info Session: Find where you fit in

CCL’s Info Session: Find where you fit in

By Nabila Wilson

Elli Sparks vividly remembers attending her first CCL Informational Session back in 2010. 

Sitting in her bedroom, Elli felt the sense of isolation melting away as she heard CCL Executive Director Mark Reynolds leading the call. 

CCL Senior Director of Programs Elli Sparks

“I remember feeling I finally had a place where I could share my fears about climate change and could join a group of people spread across the country working on climate change solutions together,” recalls Elli, who now presents the call as CCL’s Senior Director of Programs. “That’s part of why I invite people to introduce themselves at the beginning of the call. I am hoping they, too, feel a sense of connection with each other and with the presenters.”

The CCL lowdown

The Informational Session is Citizens’ Climate Lobby 101 — it outlines what we care about, what policies we support, and how new people can get involved. 

Nabila Wilson is one of the interns currently helping run the Info Session.

Every Wednesday evening at 5 p.m. PT / 8 p.m. ET, a rotation of CCL staff and interns present on the call, unpacking CCL’s approach to lobbying, outreach events, and how CCLers connect over shared concerns, build consensus, and work with elected officials from every party toward climate solutions.  There is also a Q&A session at the end where anyone who wants to can ask a question.

The 55-minute call is held on Zoom with videos and opportunities for sharing links and questions. We’ve come a long way from the early years of CCL when the call was held on a phone conference line! 

Elli says her initial experience of the Informational Session had such an impact on her as a volunteer that she would often return to the session to listen and gain inspiration from the participants. 

“I probably listened seven or eight times over the course of a year,” she says. “When I was hired by CCL, It was such a treat to learn that I would lead the call.”  

After several years leading the conference call, Elli moved the training to Zoom, where she continued to fine-tune the format, incorporating volunteer feedback and adding new presenters. 

Truly bipartisan

Drew Eyerly

CCL Conservative Outreach Director Drew Eyerly

One such presenter is CCL’s Conservative Outreach Director Drew Eyerly, who says having a conservative co-lead the call shows that CCL is truly nonpartisan.

“The Informational Session is one of the best examples of CCL as a whole,” he adds. 

Another unique aspect of the call is how interactive it is. Throughout the session, attendees are asked to respond in the chat about what values or policies resonate with them and how they want to get involved as volunteers. 

Intern Kieran Rudar

Intern Kieran Rudar

“My favorite part of the call is how participants and presenters have opportunities to connect over common interests, such as sports, hiking, or where they grew up,” says Kieran Rudar, a chapter development intern and Info Session presenter. “It shows how protecting the earth from climate change can bring people together.”

What attendees say

Want to join an upcoming session and learn more about CCL? Folks like you are on the call every week. 

“I contacted the Citizens’ Climate Lobby a few weeks ago about new membership, and they’ve been responsive, helpful, and very positive,” said Eleanor Morse, a new volunteer in Oregon. “As an individual very concerned about what humans have done to this beautiful Earth, I find it helpful and reassuring to be connected to a nationwide group of people who share my concerns and are organized and effective in bringing about necessary change.”

Mark Tittle, another recent Info Session attendee, praised the session’s “clear guidance” and “interactive nature,” helping him understand how he fits in at CCL. 

“One thing that stood out to me about CCL was how welcoming and open they were when I first joined,” said Dave Kam, a Utah CCLer. “An experienced member took new members aside and explained what CCL was about, their values, the opportunities to volunteer, and most importantly, that every member was encouraged to contribute what they personally felt comfortable with.”

That’s the kind of warm welcome you’ll receive on CCL’s Informational Session. See you there!

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