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Be Your Best Advocate

CCL’s Info Session: Find where you fit in

The Informational Session is CCL 101 — it outlines what we care about, what policies we support, and how you can get involved.

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A Black woman with curly, shoulder-length braids, wears a high neck pink shirt and smiles at the camera
Volunteer Spotlight: Helena Robinson

Helena Robinson is the Director of Sustainability and Quality Control at Xavier University of Louisiana and a volunteer with CCL New Orleans.

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A young Black woman with short, natural hair, wearing a glossy, light blue suit
Volunteer Spotlight: Aliyah Bell

Aliyah Bell is a busy 23-year-old professional, soon-to-be law student, and climate advocate in CCL's New Orleans chapter.

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Nurturing hope and empowerment: Reflections on lobbying

Citizens' Climate Lobby youth share their perspectives on lobbying, and how it has helped them find hope and direction.

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A Guide to Effective Climate Change Action
A guide to effective climate change action

Climate change action is an opportunity to shape a sustainable future. Here are 6 strategies to become a successful climate advocate!

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Zoom screenshot showing smiling college students
Certified to save the world: CCL’s Climate Advocacy Certificate Program

This free, 15-week program is open to anyone interested in learning and applying CCL’s methods for climate action.

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Speakers onstage for the volunteer keynote panel at June 2023 CCL conference
Volunteer keynote panel led by inspiring young activists

Four young climate advocates speak at volunteer keynote panel about their involvement with CCL at the June 2023 Conference.

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CCL volunteer Mark Taylor smiles at the camera while hiking a nature trail. He wears a green CCL shirt and a floppy black hat.
Volunteer Spotlight: Mark Taylor

Climate hero and superhero: CCLer Mark Taylor, who played DC superhero Plastic Man on T.V., now works against the use of oil and plastics.

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Norma Morrison wears a white ballcap and a red checkered button down, smiling in front of a blooming garden in Tennessee
Getting grasstops endorsements: Advice from an endorsement superstar

CCLer Norma Morrison has some advice for volunteers hoping to get big endorsements from leaders and influencers. 

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David Cain gives a presentation
As CCL focuses on expansion and outreach, presentations prove crucial

As CCL sets out to expand our volunteer base, a crucial tool for outreach and recruitment volunteers can use is presentations. 

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