Be Your Best Advocate

Effective Communication
Effective Communication: The power of reframing

Guest speaker Steve Levin uses real-life scenarios to teach the communication technique of reframing, which helps move people from resistance to support.

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Handling difficult lobbying situations

In this Citizens' Climate University training, learn tactics for having better political conversations and watch simulations of responses to tough lobby day questions.

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effective lobbying
Practice effective lobbying with a lobby meeting demonstration

Unsure of what goes down during a CCL lobby meeting? In this post, learn about the step-by-step process and strategies for success.

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Focusing your grasstops outreach effectively

Learn about grasstops engagement and effective research strategies for obtaining high-profile endorsements for the Energy Innovation Act.

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climate presentation
How to give an engaging climate presentation

In this session of Citizens' Climate University, you'll learn how to capture an audience’s attention about climate change and move them to action.

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Manage the emotional highs and lows of climate work

Participants in CCL's Peer Support – Ongo group follow a 12-week series focused on mindfulness, forgiveness, empathy, compassion and self-care.

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per espen stoknes
Use psychology for better climate communications

Engaging people in climate action is tough. How do we use psychology to encourage action? Per Espen Stoknes shares his advice during CCL's Dec. 2018 meeting.

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Strategies for success: Climate advocacy in rural America

Some of CCL's most productive chapters are in towns with less than 1,000 people. Here's how those rural CCL chapters are engaging their communities.

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Successful site visit stories

In the recap of this Citizens' Climate University session, you'll hear two stories of CCL volunteers in Utah and Michigan who hosted successful site visits.

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Spiritual development & well-being for weary climate warriors

Using the lessons in "The Ongo Book: Everyday Non-Violence," CCL group leader Jeff Joslin trains fellow climate advocates in mindfulness meditation and compassionate communication.

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