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Grow the Grassroots

Driving change: Bill Barron’s journey to spark climate conversations across the Mountain West

CCL Mountain West Regional Director Bill Barron spent more than 16 days biking across Colorado, New Mexico, and Montana to talk climate.

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Vinay Karthik
A young CCLer’s COP28 story

Vinay Karthik shares his experience as a Media Logistics Manager for YOUNGO, the official youth constituency of the UNFCCC at COP28.

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Three snowmen holding climate change protest signs stand in front of an official looking city building
CCL snowmen take to the streets

With fun, eye-catching protests in recent weeks, CCL chapters have been helping snowmen call for climate action.

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A group of people stand shoulder to shoulder in a semi circle in a congressional office, smiling at the camera
CCL Philly leads charge to convince Amtrak to scrap fossil fuel heating plan

Amtrak cited the input of the local CCL chapter, alongside other environmental organizations, as key to their decision.

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Four young women stand in a group, smiling at each other, wearing professional clothing
Spark of change: The Great School Electrification Challenge

High schooler Vesa Ganesan writes about CCL's National Youth Action team's challenge, where students ask their school district to electrify.

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Five women stand behind a folding table with educational materials displayed
Chamber of Commerce meetings make an impact in Montana

CCL Montana shares successes in Chamber of Commerce meetings, encouraging other CCLers to contact their local chamber.

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CCLers highlight climate at town halls

During the August congressional recess, CCL volunteers attended at least 53 town halls, asking thoughtful questions about climate action.

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Five people of different ages and races stand behind a round table with fliers
Snapshots of CCL’s Earth Day 2023

During April 2023, CCL chapters held 837 outreach events, welcoming nearly twice our average number of monthly volunteer joins for 2023.

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CCL Hawaii youths gather during a break at the Climate Future Forum
Young CCLers take the lead in Hawaii

Young CCLers in Hawaii have been working hard for several months to make their voices heard by local and federal legislators.

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