Grow the Grassroots

Five people of different ages and races stand behind a round table with fliers
Snapshots of CCL’s Earth Day 2023

During April 2023, CCL chapters held 837 outreach events, welcoming nearly twice our average number of monthly volunteer joins for 2023.

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CCL Hawaii youths gather during a break at the Climate Future Forum
Young CCLers take the lead in Hawaii

Young CCLers in Hawaii have been working hard for several months to make their voices heard by local and federal legislators.

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CCL volunteers meet outdoors; volunteers; price on carbon; carbon price
Gigi Santo
Volunteer Keynote Gigi Santo, December 2022 conference

17-year-old CCL volunteer Giovanna “Gigi” Santo shares what it takes to be a leader, and urges volunteers that anyone can make a difference.

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With Gratitude #4
With Gratitude #4: A CCL blog series

Read about volunteers who host congressional forums, create displays for local libraries, and create the political will for a liveable world!

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With Gratitude #3
With Gratitude #3

Read about volunteers who tabled for Earth Day, petitioned AARP, and plenty more examples of creating the political will for a liveable world!

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Giovanna Gigi Santo
Volunteer Spotlight: High schooler Gigi Santo co-leads Florida chapter

“Gigi” Santo is a high school senior and Group Co-Leader in Broward County, Florida. She's also a speaker at CCL’s December conference.

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Pedaling for a purpose: Bike tour raises awareness for climate change; BIll Barron and Bob Inglis ride bikes together; price on carbon; carbon price
Pedaling for a purpose: Bike tour raises awareness for climate change

"My involvement in CCL has led to huge breakthroughs in the exercise of my personal and political power in ways I could not have imagined."

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Volunteer Spotlight Beth Malow; Beth Malow sits in a maroon colored dress with a lavender scarf
Volunteer Spotlight: Beth Malow

With a heavy background in science, Beth found an interest in talking with the public about science, particularly climate change.

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(Linda Weinstein stands with Simeon Bannister, the new CEO of the Rochester Community Foundation. He has expressed an interest in increased focus on climate issues.) Volunteer Spotlight: Linda Weinstein; volunteer spotlight; price on carbon
Volunteer Spotlight: Linda Weinstein

Linda Weinstein was shocked at how little senior citizens were paying attention to climate change — so she decided to do something about it. 

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