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Kicking off Black History Month at CCL

Kicking off Black History Month at CCL

Kicking off Black History Month at CCL

By Berit Thorson

Happy Black History Month! Throughout February, we will be highlighting the work of Black environmentalists and activists. In this blog post, you’ll meet some Black environmentalists whom you may recognize from various parts of the CCL community, and you’ll get a sneak peek into what’s next for our Black History Month celebrations.

Dr. Natasha DeJarnett is an assistant professor at the University of Louisville Division of Environmental Medicine. Her research focuses on the relationship between environmental exposures and health outcomes, including air pollution and climate change. She is interested in identifying health disparities associated with environmental health exposures. Dr. DeJarnett is the Chair of the governing board for Citizens’ Climate Education.

Sharona Shnayder is a Nigerian-Israeli youth climate activist. She is a co-founder of Tuesdays for Trash, a movement started at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Its mission is to encourage people to take small, daily actions in service of the planet, as Shnayder and her co-founder know that small acts of change, when multiplied, can transform the world. She appeared in episode 54 of Citizens’ Climate Radio, which you can listen to here.

Jerome Foster II is a climate change activist and the executive director of OneMillionOfUs, an international youth voting and advocacy organization. He founded The Climate Reporter, an international youth-led climate-focused news outlet. He has organized U.S. climate strikes at the White House and helped organize Fire Drill Friday protests in front of the Capitol. Foster has also been a CCL volunteer, serving as a Government Relations & Media Intern in 2018. He currently serves on President Biden’s Environmental Justice Advisory Council.

Next week, we will highlight more Black climate activists working to protect our planet and the people living on it. Subscribe to our blog to keep up with our Black History Month highlights as they are released!


Berit Thorson is the CCL Spring 2022 Communications Intern. As an outdoors enthusiast, she is passionate about protecting nature and people from the impacts of climate change, and is excited to be working with CCL toward these goals.