Madeline McGill, Founder of Western Desk

September 2023

About the Speaker

Madeline McGill

Madeline McGill, Founder of Western Desk

Madeline began her political career working for campaigns, non-profits, and labor unions across New England. In 2018, she moved to Utah to help found the Rural Utah Project, bringing their fundraising and communications programs online. In 2020, she built an organic digital and earned media program with an advertising equivalency of $11.1M across the rural Southwest. Since, Madeline has continued her work as a narrative strategist, driving outcomes for non-profits, labor unions, and candidates for office who are curious to engage with people who call rural landscapes home. Her notable projects include John Fetterman for US Senate, National Nurses United, The Sierra Club, SEIU, and the Rural Democracy Initiative. She's proud to partner with the Rural Climate Partnership on building a transformative narrative framework for hardworking rural people. Madeline lives in Boulder, Utah, a town of 250 people, where she searches for new watering holes with her border collie, Melon.

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