CCL statement on permitting reforms in debt ceiling agreement

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CCL statement on permitting reforms in debt ceiling agreement

May 31, 2023 – To hit our climate targets, it’s critical that America builds clean energy infrastructure faster. With that in mind, CCL appreciates that the debt ceiling agreement includes some provisions that will help streamline clean energy permitting. Our research team provided perspective on specific provisions, including the Mountain Valley Pipeline, here.

Overall, these permitting reforms are not enough. We still need to boost transmission projects and improve early community involvement. But this issue should not just be an add-on. It is important enough to warrant dedicated attention in its own package in the future.

The process that led to this agreement is less than ideal. Our democracy works best when we come together to discuss big ideas and reach broad consensus — not when a handful of powerful people make deals behind closed doors.

That’s a big reason why CCL does the kind of work we do. We are citizen lobbyists concerned about climate change and making our voices heard in Congress. Nearly 1,000 of our volunteers, from all 50 states, will attend meetings on Capitol Hill in June to continue pushing for the clean energy permitting reforms we need. Broad engagement like this leads to better policy. We urge lawmakers to take their constituents’ input into account as they work on this and other climate legislation.

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