New Republican plan shows the party sees climate as an election issue 





New Republican plan shows the party sees climate as an election issue

June 3, 2022 – Yesterday, House Republicans released a high-level plan indicating how their party would address climate and energy issues if they win power in the midterms this fall. The plan details six key issue areas in which House Republicans plan to introduce policy, and it names four existing energy bills they already support. The plan is the product of a task force created by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy last year.

“We weren’t expecting to see something from the task force yet,” said Danny Richter, CCL’s VP of Government Affairs. “This week’s release is a good indicator that the party sees climate and energy as issues that are highly relevant to the midterm elections.”

Citizens’ Climate Lobby is pleased to see Republican lawmakers thinking ahead and being proactive on these issues that Americans are concerned about. It’s better for our country and our climate if both major parties come to the table with robust climate solutions.

“As always, we urge elected Republicans to walk faster in this direction and continue to increase their ambition for meaningful climate solutions,” Richter said.  

In the coming months, Citizens’ Climate Lobby volunteers across the country will work to pressure every midterm candidate, from either major party, to have a thorough climate platform that is in line with the scientific reality of climate change. CCL supporters will ask climate questions at candidate town halls, publish local media emphasizing climate change in the midterm conversation, and work to turn out environmental voters at the polls.

“There are plenty of environmental voters in red districts and states, and I’m sure they will be encouraged by this week’s news,” Richter said. “I look forward to climate remaining central in this year’s election for voters and candidates of all political stripes.”

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