Episode 13: Pets and Climate Change



Dr. Steva Stowell-Hardcastle, veterinarian, with her dog Scarlet Alice



In this episode of Citizens’ Climate Radio, host Peterson Toscano asks Dr. Steva Stowell-Hardcastle:

  • How are pets affected by the environmental impact of global warming?
  • How is pet care a climate issue?
  • How can pet owners infect the animals in our care?

Veterinarian Dr. Steva Stowell-Hardcastle sits down with Peterson and outlines how global warming is already affecting our furry friends. You will also learn how to protect your pet in a time of climate change and how to engage pet owners in climate change conversations.


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Art House

In the Art House, we travel back to the future with Timothy Meadows and “That Day in Climate History.” Reporting from the year 2167, he reveals the pets of the future.


Listener Eve Simmons answers last month’s puzzler about arctic warming and why it is such a big deal when it comes to climate change.

Here is our new puzzler: What is a food you love that is affected by climate change? How exactly is global warming threatening it?

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