Episode 19: Promoting Emotional Health and Bee Habitats

Marlo Firme

CCL Canada volunteer Marlo Firme joins this episode of Citizens’ Climate Radio.

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Being a climate advocate can be an emotional rollercoaster. This is especially true for millennials. From childhood, they heard about the impending dangers threatening their future happiness. How do these feelings affect each of us? How do we cope? How do we move past paralyzing despair to a place of hope and action?

Podcast host Peterson Toscano shares a conversation he had with Marlo Firme, a volunteer climate lobbyist with CCL Canada. Marlo reveals the many ways climate change has affected him personally and professionally. From his boyhood in the Philippines to living in British Columbia, Canada, Marlo could not ignore climate change. Still, he found a beautiful way forward.



Art House

Can art save the bees? Sculptor Emily Puthoff is a attempting to do just that through the Hudson Valley Bee Habitat. She along with her fellow artists are engaging their community in a large scale art project that builds bee habitats. Learn about this ambitious project and about the essential roles bees play in our everyday life.

Emily Puthoff

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