Episode 33: Climate Change in the Philippines

Gael Henry Carlut Philippines

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Gael Henry Carlut grew up on an island in the Philippines. Gael’s father is from France, and his mother is from Iloilo in the Philippines. They fell in love and in 1986 settled on Pandan Island, with a goal of protecting the island’s extraordinary coral reef and sharing it with others. Gael left the Philippines and settled in France to study environmental science and water treatment processes. He eventually felt a strong pull to return, not only to the Philippines, but to this remote island. On a recent visit to Pandan Island, Citizens’ Climate Radio host, Peterson Toscano chatted with Gael about the island, climate change, and the pursuit of happiness.



Art House

Marissa Slaven talks about her novel, “Code Blue,” an eco-mystery. Drawing on her love of the coast in New England and even her background a palliative care physician, Marissa has created a near future world that is stressed by climate change in a society has chosen to respond creatively to it. She expertly Code Blue novelweaves in various mysteries her main character, a high school student, must solve. These mysteries are both personal and scientific. Her book is one you cannot easily put down once you start reading it.


In this episode, we hear answers to last month’s puzzler question: Your cousin Dan is discouraged because world leaders do not want to respond to climate change; he wonders if we should just wait it out until we have better leaders.

For this month, here’s a new puzzler question: Imagine you are at a family dinner, and you mention your excitement about more and more people becoming concerned about climate change. Your Uncle Ralph interrupts, “Global warming? Seriously? What about all this record cold weather we have had? It doesn’t seem it’s warming at all.” What do you say? How can you open up a conversation about climate change that doesn’t just turn into a debate?

Send Peterson your answers by March 15, 2019, along with your name, contact info, and where you are from. You can email your answers to radio @ citizensclimate.org or leave a voicemail of 3 minutes or less at 518.595.9414 (+1 if calling from outside the USA).

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Citizens’ Climate Radio is a monthly podcast hosted by CCL volunteer Peterson Toscano.