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Inflation Reduction Act

Help us electrify America’s buildings 🔌

Bringing the clean energy future to America’s doorsteps.

Why do we need building electrification and efficiency?

Today, nearly ¾ of America’s buildings use fossil fuels to heat space or water, or cook food. Is your home one of them?  If so, you can electrify your home and make it more energy efficient, which will save you money and reduce toxic air pollution inside your home.


Additionally, it will help reduce carbon pollution that is causing climate change. Today, our use of fossil fuels in buildings creates 10% of America’s carbon pollution each year. We can eliminate that through electrification, plus another 5% through energy efficiency projects.


Join your local group at Citizens’ Climate Lobby to help us electrify all of our buildings – homes, public buildings, commercial buildings, faster. Here’s an example of what you can do:


  • educate homeowners and renters in your community on new rebates.
  • work with your local officials to ensure existing public buildings and new construction are electrified and energy efficient.
  • advocate for policies that increase the pace of building electrification and efficiency.

Why is building electrification and efficiency good for Americans?


✅  Lowers energy costs

The average household can save around $600 on its yearly energy bills by installing heat pumps and induction stoves. Additionally, electrification protects us from future energy price spikes due to unstable fossil fuel prices.


✅  Benefits low income households

Weatherizing homes reduces energy waste and bills. Low income households, which spend disproportionately more income on home energy, could save up to 35% on their energy bills through weatherization projects.


✅  Promotes healthy air quality

Fossil fuel powered appliances create air pollution that contributes to serious respiratory problems like asthma, particularly in children. In many homes, the air we breathe inside is dirtier that the air outside of them. Electrification will clean the air we breathe while sleeping, cooking and spending time with family indoors.


✅  Reduces carbon pollution right away

Electrifying our buildings will reduce carbon pollution right away, almost everywhere. We don’t need to wait for 100% clean electricity to get a benefit.

This is a great time to electrify our homes

Congress has recently taken action to make electrification affordable, including:


  • $14,000 in rebates for homeowners for home weatherization and electrification – enough to cover all or close to all of the upfront cost of upgrades 🏠
  • Rebates for landlords to upgrade rental units to be electric and more efficient 🏢
  • Grants for increasing the efficiency of affordable housing, lowering bills for residents 💰

It’s also a great time to make sure new homes are built electric-ready

Half of new homes today are built with fossil fuel heating or appliances, locking in that carbon pollution for decades. We should ensure that our new home construction is electric-ready.

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