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Carbon Fee & Dividend

Carbon Fee and Dividend

Delivering predictable prices and clean energy to Americans.

Polluters shouldn’t be able to use our air like a trash can, for free.


With a carbon fee, corporate polluters pay a fee for the damage their carbon pollution does to our environment. It’s a fair way to get polluters to eliminate their carbon pollution, and doesn’t cost taxpayers additional money.


The money collected from the carbon fee goes to the American people in the form of a monthly payment to use as we choose, shielding us from price hikes and keeping our energy affordable.


Would you like to see climate policies that you like passed into law?  Join Citizens’ Climate Lobby and advocate for carbon fee and dividend and other common sense solutions.


Nuclear Reactor

📈 Stops energy price spikes

Americans shouldn’t have to live with price shocks and energy inflation. A carbon fee and dividend will drive energy innovation, giving every American community access to abundant, affordable clean energy at a predictable price.


🚜 Supports the American economy

With new clean energy sources comes millions of new jobs. Researchers, engineers, manufacturers, construction workers and electricians will be in high demand, putting Americans to work in good careers.


⚡ Gives the market a say

A carbon fee and dividend incentivizes businesses to move away from fossil fuels, but it doesn’t specify how or subsidize one type of energy over another. Instead, it lets the economy sort out the most efficient way to provide Americans with power.


👷 Helps American manufacturers

While we work to reduce pollution in the U.S., other countries continue to release heat-trapping gases into the air. American manufacturing is among the cleanest in the world. By implementing a carbon border adjustment fee on foreign manufacturers with high carbon pollution, we can address this imbalance. It will encourage people and businesses to buy American-made.

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