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Environmental Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities in Durack, WA, Australia

Join the Citizens’ Climate Lobby Durack Chapter

Most of Western Australia’s landmass from the northern Wheatbelt outside of Perth up the coast all the way to the Northern Territory border, including Geraldton, Broome and Port Hedland, WA, Australia

Interested in solving climate change? You are welcome in Citizens’ Climate. We’re regular people from WA who are working together to get climate laws passed. We believe that the only way to tackle climate change is together. We connect over shared concerns, build consensus, and work with elected officials from every party towards climate solutions.

Together, we make a much bigger impact than we could individually by:

  • Starting productive conversations about climate solutions in our community
  • Getting more people talking about solutions
  • Building support for climate action with community leaders
  • Meeting with our members of Congress to advocate for effective climate solutions

You can't solve climate change alone - but together, we can. You in?

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