Citizens' Climate Lobby Chapter

Nelson - West Kootenay

Nelson and West Kootenay region, British Columbia, Canada
CCLers and high school students Alyssa Taburiaux and Linn Murray in Ottawa for CCL's National Conference and Lobbying Days in November 2016. The local chapter crowdfunded their travel expenses.
About Our Chapter
Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, grassroots advocacy organization empowering people to experience breakthroughs exercising their personal and political power. Our chapter is just one of hundreds of chapters across the world working to create the political will for a livable world.

The local chapter, founded in early 2014, has about 15 active members and 190 additional community supporters. Our accomplishments in the past year (2016):

- Published over 140 letters to the editor and opinion pieces in local and national newspapers in 2016.
- Collaborated on a bi-weekly radio series called Climate of Change on Kootenay Co-op Radio producing over 30 episodes so far, which air on 6 other stations in BC.

- Connected personally in 7 meetings with our local MPs and 4 meetings with local MLAs.
- Submitted an official response to the BC Climate Leadership consultation. (March 2016)
- Played a key role in organizing Climate Action Town Halls with our local MPs to solicit input for the federal climate change consultation; in Nelson with 240 attending (May 2016); in Rossland with 100 attending (July 2016).
- Submitted an official response to the federal climate consultation. (May 2016)
- Organized a postcard campaign on climate action targeted at federal and provincial ministers.  (February 2016)
- Organized a second postcard campaign to send messages on climate action to BC Premier Clark, sending over 800 cards, as well as collaborating with other groups across the province (September-November 2016)
- Sent numerous personally written letters and emails to federal and provincial elected officials; participated in consultation for budget and environmental assessment process.  

- Presented to Nelson Mayor and City Council. (January 2016)
- Organized the second forum of a three part series on divestment: “Re-engaging with your money: personal investments to increase renewable energy and decrease fossil fuels”, with 65 attending. (February 16)
- Co-hosted community educational event, Nelson Climate Teach-In Post-Paris, with over 75 attending. (February 2016)
- Presented at a student-led Sit-in for Climate Action at the local high school. (February 2016)
- Hosted community discussion about First Ministers’ Vancouver Declaration. (March 2016)
- Presented at Nelson high school Earth Day event on climate change. (April 2016)
- Took the lead in organizing a sold out conference with 200 attendees: “Water and Climate Change: Hot and Bothered in the Kootenays”. (April 2015)
- Organized film viewing and discussion as part of Break Free from Fossil Fuels, followed by a workshop about navigating the public consultation process. (May 2016)
- Co-hosted well attended pre-town hall training and workshop in Nelson. (May 2016)
Hosted a Peace Cafe, “Building a Collaborative Community for Climate Action: Local Success Stories”, at the Mir Centre International Peace Conference as well as presenting: “How citizen lobbyists are shifting the climate conversation in the political sphere”. (September 2016)
- Supported two high school students to attend the Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s National Conference and meet with MPs in Ottawa. (November 2016)
- Delivered presentations on climate change to diverse local audiences, and had outreach tables at a variety of community events.