Citizens' Climate Lobby Chapter

North Tahoe

Truckee, Soda Springs, Tahoe City & Kings Beach, California
About Our Chapter
Our chapter was founded in 2017 by Deirdre Henderson.   We represent the portion of California District 4 that borders the north and west sides of beautiful Lake Tahoe.   Our area is under immediate threat from climate change in the following ways:  forest fires and reduced snow pack.

Our communities are surrounded by pine and fir forests that are stressed by climate change induced drought which makes them susceptible to bark beetle infestation. In other areas of the Sierra Nevada mountains, vast swaths of trees are dead or dying.  Our area is likely soon to follow.  The drought and warmer air is also causing our forests to be drier than in the historical past.  Both the dead trees and drier forest makes our forests more susceptible to forest fire.

Many folks in our community rely on ski industry tourist dollars for their income.  We have seen more precipitation falling as rain at the lower elevations of the ski resorts, and we've also had significant droughts.  Both of these effects are likely exacerbated by climate change, and both are projected to intensify due to climate change.    

The members of our chapter strongly believe that CCL's Carbon Fee and Dividend is the most effective solution to the problem of climate change, and that our job is to grow the political will in California District 4 to support CFD. 

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