Citizens' Climate Lobby Chapter

Silicon Valley South

Centered around San Jose, Santa Clara, Campbell, Saratoga, Los Gatos., California
Tabling for Earth Day in April 2019
About Our Chapter
We are a group committed to CCL's values of postive long term engagement and outreach.  Our chapter has been continuously active for nine years.  We are focused on taking actions in support of HR 763, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.  

We work with members from the South Bay to lobby (primarily) Reps Lofgren and Khanna, although we have some members in Rep Eshoo's district.  We also work to get endorsements of HR 763 from local bodies and representatives.  We will be running a table at the Campbell Farmer's market to do direct outreach through the summer, as well as at other occasions.  

Please click the green "Join our Chapter" button if you're interested, or contact us at gro.e1579691373tamil1579691373Csnez1579691373itiC@1579691373esoJn1579691373aS1579691373.

Chapter meetings 
  Third Tuesday of each month
  San Jose Peace and Justice Center
  48 South 7th Street, San Jose CA 95112

  First Time Attendees asked to arrive at 6:30 if possible
  Main Meeting starts at 7
  Social Hour 8:30+

You can see our upcoming events on Meetup at

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