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Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, grassroots-advocacy organization that empowers people to experience positive advancements by exercising their personal and political power. The Des Moines Chapter is just one of hundreds of chapters internationally that create political will for a livable world.

Aside from advocating for more eco-friendly practices in the state of Iowa, our Des Moines Chapter locally focuses on promoting and educating the community on eco-friendly legislative policies within the City of Des Moines that reduce carbon-emission. For personal reference in understanding Des Moines City Council's progression in eco-friendly projects, please browse this page [] as well as their 'green' page [].

You, dear reader and inhabitant of Central Iowa, have the power to make contributions in CCL that will benefit current and future generations of Des Moines, Central Iowa, and our planet as a whole. How..? By generating the political will within politicians and legislative bodies that will allow enforcement of eco-friendly policies. Doing so will gradually advance our world, city by city, toward utilizing a system of living where we can live symbiotically with the Earth's biosphere instead of degrading its atmosphere with our own carbon emissions. In order to move toward these green-er habits, we attend DSM City Council Meetings whenever necessary, to speak and get up-to-date on certain goals, projects and policies.

CCL at a national level, is working for the passage of Carbon Fee and Dividend legislation. Climate change solution economists and climate scientists alike say it is the “best first-step” in preventing adverse impacts of a rising global temperature. More specific to the City of Des Moines, our chapter is advocating for a short-term goal of: cutting all carbon emissions to 28% by 2025, and a long-term goal of: zero net-emissions by 2040. Studies have shown that densely-populated cities such as Des Moines, collectively produce about 75% of worldwide COemissions. With this said, the importance of taking action against carbon-emission within the Des Moines Area is nothing short of critical.

These policies will reduce emissions, create jobs, and support small businesses and families — all without growing federal government. Likewise, the goals relative to the Des Moines Area can move Iowa one step closer toward a more environmentally-friendly way of living, by instigating statewide change within Iowa's capital city.

Throughout the U.S. and worldwide, CCL has proven that passionate citizens with a good support system can influence the political process. From these influences, citizens can further advance the planet toward environmental stability, and green-er everyday living. Join our Des Moines Chapter today!

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