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Welcome!  The Maine MidCoast South Chapter is one of over 420 Chapters in the U.S. and over 150 more on seven continents worldwide.  We are one of a growing number of Maine chapters.  Our common work with other Chapters and our common goals make us more effective.

After over a decade of advocating for a bipartisan, revenue neutral, market-based, carbon fee and dividend, CCL has added three addtional policy priorities for 2023 to help us meet our nation’s climate goals to cut pollution in half by 2030 and achieving net zero by 2050:  

  • Promoting healthy forests

  • Speeding up the permitting process for the transmission of clean electricity nationwide

  • Getting the word out to citizens about the many ways they can both electrify and make their buildings more energy efficient with the help of new and generous tax credits and tax rebates from the federal government.

We educate, advocate, and get endorsements from local political entities and leaders, from businesses, church groups, environmental and community organizations.  We reach out to fellow citizens stressing the importance and urgency of federal legislation that reduces the many dangers of unchecked worldwide warming, which already affects our local communities here in Maine.

Our chapter helps members navigate the rich information and helpful tools provided by CCL National.  We support each other in our efforts to understand policies, the science behind climate change and the economics so important to achieving a livable world.  Our Zoom meetings are lively and educational, and CCL maintains a great website for us filled with educational resources, webinars, power points and graphics to support our volunteer work and give us confidence.

We are volunteer driven.  Our members participate in whatever way fits their skills and preferences.  All are invited to write letters and call members of Congress on a regular basis.  Some write letters to and opinion pieces for newspapers, some present before community groups and town committees, and some table at events to sign up more members and promote our work.  We seek endorsements from influential people in our communities and in the business world, and we lobby our members of Congress with team visits both on Zoom and in person.  Interested members attend regional conferences and our National Conference in DC.  This is the work of mitigating climate change in a democracy.  

Out of your comfort zone?  Don’t worry.  There is support and guidance for everything we do.  Friendships develop in our chapter as we work together.  We value focus, optimism, and diversity, and we also welcome people with differing political beliefs as long as they share our concern about climate disruption.  Appreciation, gratitude and respect are all built into our work.  Give us a try by attending one of our monthly Zoom meetings, the second Wednesday of every month at 6pm.  Email us at and we’ll send you the meeting link and password.  We look forward to meeting you!

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