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Until now, mankind has never seen, or imagined, a problem of our own making that is comparable to global warming,  and it is happening on a scale that boggles the mind.. Although subtle in building, and delayed in expression, it profoundly threatens every culture on earth, every ecosystem that supports us, and the very existence of countless life forms with which we share this planet.   Addressed too late and it will take multiple generations to recover; much will be irreversibly lost.  


We have the right, and obligation, to protect both this planet, and  society for those here today, and for those that will follow. Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) was created solely to address climate change. International in scope, we, the Albany NY chapter, are a small part of the national effort that includes chapters in nearly every congressional district in the country.  We are a non-profit, non-partisan organization that is in constant search of bipartisan climate solutions that are the most effective, and are also socially just. Though many options are available, and we will need to apply a host of them at both the state and federal level, the core of the climate crisis can best be addressed at the federal level. There, we believe that a Fee and Dividend approach will provide the greatest benefit in the shortest period of time and be a boost to the economy.   


There are many tasks that need to be addressed, some are well underway that you can help make better, others are waiting for you to get them started.   Being the state capital, the hub of political decisions in New York , makes the Albany Chapter uniquely situated for making a difference in the New York State Government. If you act, you can make a difference.  


So act on this, the greatest challenge of our time, the greatest you will ever face.  Visit for more Albany chapter information.

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