Citizens' Climate Lobby Chapter

Columbia County

Rural county in the Hudson Valley, 2 hours north of NYC, 45 minutes south of Albany, NY-19 CD, New York
Breakout session at a chapter meeting
About Our Chapter

We work to build the political will to solve climate change problems. Our main focus is bipartisan, national, carbon pricing legislation, which we are convinced is an effective and long-lasting way to fight climate change.  We talk with neighbors, friends, community leaders, and elected officials about how national and state climate action can ensure a healthy future and strengthen the American economy. We build all our relationships from a place of respect and appreciation.  We are steadfastly nonpartisan.

The December meeting of the Columbia County Chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) will be on Monday evening, December 10, 6-8pm at Christ Church Episcopal in Hudson (Union Street and 4th Street).  (We encourage first-timers to attend a brief introduction to CCL at 5:30.)

We will be discussing:
1. lobbying meetings with legislative representatives in our district
2. efforts to get climate endorsements from local businesses, town boards, and officials
3. media efforts (editorials, op-eds, and letters to the editor)
4. efforts to help start new CCL chapters in NY21 (our neighbors to the north)
5. outreach events

We will also watch parts of the CCL monthlly call and share our own climate views and stories.

The world is heating up; come join our work to make a change! For more information, contact Karen Frishkoff: 518-672-7901 (moc.l1544830573iamg@1544830573ffokh1544830573sirfk1544830573) 


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