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Rural county, Hudson Valley, 2 hours north of NYC, 1 hour south of Albany CD:NY-19 zip: 12075, New York

Our chapter is active in all five levers of political will: lobbying (our members of Congress and local and state representatives), grassroots (organizing and building coalitions), grasstops (getting endorsements from businesses and influencers), media (print and social media), and chapter development.

We meet monthly, usually on the Monday evening following the CCL national monthly call (2nd Saturday). We are currently meeting via Zoom.

For more information, call 518-672-7901.

Notes from CCL NY19 Chapter Meeting (Mid-Hudson “North” and “West” and Columbia County)

April 12, 2021

 Attendees:  Laurie Husted, Rachelle Gura, Bruce and Karen Frishkoff, Michael O’Hara, Ruth Tamaroff, Eleanor Saunders, Anne Brueckner, Michael Scudder, Emily Michael, Richard Marr, Gretchen Lytle, Rosemary Bakker, Bruce Shenker, Dan Haas, Iona Lutey, Elizabeth Strum, Vic Melville, Charles Gadol. Gabrielle Barnstone, Paula Ward, Virginia Johnson, Kathy Kassner

     Welcome by Laurie Husted, accompanied by cheers and celebratory emojis for reintroduction of the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (EICDA).

     Summary of the 2021 EICDA by Michael O’Hara: Like the 2020 version, it levies a “pollution tax” on fossil fuels ($15/ton of CO2 equivalent) and returns virtually all the revenue to US households and includes a border adjustment to protect American manufacturers.  While reducing carbon emissions by 30 percent in the first five years, it will provide great health benefits and create many new jobs. Most important, it will enable us to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050--aligning with the goal set by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). 

            Q:  What does “net-zero” mean?

            A:  Combined effect of reducing CO2 emissions and converting, “capturing,” or sequestering CO2.

            Q:  What is the likely progress of this bill in Congress?

            A:  Depends on many political factors, but CCL hopes that carbon pricing will become part of the final climate “package” and is focused on achieving that.

     Eleanor Saunders provided a resource sheet with links summarizing Pres. Biden’s own climate vision, the EICDA, and the CLEAN Future Act put forward by the House Energy and Commerce Committee (attached to this report).  She explained that the best way of promoting the EICDA is to attach as many cosponsors to the bill as possible.  For that reason, she said, we need to make clear to Rep. Delgado, through phone calls, postcards, social media, and LTEs, that his constituents strongly support a carbon price or pollution tax. Richard Marr, who participated in the spring lobbying meeting with Rep. Delgado’s Energy and Environment aide, noted that CCL encourages volunteers to emphasize the main goals of the bill--reducing emissions substantially while protecting the poor--over details such as whether 100 percent or a lower figure is refunded to households. 

     Attendees went into breakout rooms to work on specific actions:

          ●     Call or write Congress (

          ●     Create and send a postcard to Pres. Biden using smartphone app and tag @POTUS. Guidance document

          ●     Communicate more effectively by quoting “trusted messengers” (e.g., showing business owners the National Chamber of Commerce’s endorsement of carbon pricing)

     Back together at 7:00, all contemplated (and some committed to) doing at least one action this week and two more before our May meeting.  And we realized that Earth Day is Thursday, April 22!  

     Ideas and links for actions:

          ●     Sign up for the NYS CCL Climate Huddle, Thursdays 12-12:15pm.  Sign up here.

          ●     Send a postcard to President Biden  ( Guidance document)

          ●     Email your chapter leader with an idea for Earth Day

          ●    Write Congress

          ●    Call Congress

          ●    Monthly Calling Campaign

          ●    Tweet Congress

          ●    Write letters to the editor

          ●    Tweet the President

          ●    Write to the President

          ●    Tweet Support to Cosponsors

Next meeting:  Monday, May 10, 6 pm.

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