Citizens' Climate Lobby Chapter

Columbia County

Rural county, Hudson Valley, 2 hours north of NYC, 1 hour south of Albany, NY-19 CD. zip 12075, New York
CCL members meeting with our representative, Antonio Delgado
About Our Chapter

We are a chapter with lots going on: presentations, tabling at local events, a youth education team, regular lobby meetings with our congressional representative, Antonio Delgado, and U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, ongoing lobbying in our state legislature, and twice-a-year lobbying in Washington D.C.
We meet monthly, usually on the Monday after the monthly International Call.

This is an exciting time for us in Citizens’ Climate Lobby, when our carbon dividend bill (the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act) continues to pick up cosponsors in the House of Representatives and several other carbon pricing bills have been introduced in both houses of Congress by both Democrats and Republicans. Slowly –- too slowly, to be sure — we are seeing political movement on climate issues from both sides of the aisle.



Our November chapter meeting is Monday, November 18, 6pm, in Chatham, at the Columbia Land Conservancy office on Main Street.  (We encourage folks coming for the first time to come at 5:30 for a brief orientation about Citizens's Climate Lobby.)

On the agenda this month:

• We will listen to parts of CCL’s monthly call, this month featuring Dr. Andy Hoffman from the University of Michigan, talking about the systems-level changes in our  thinking needed to solve major threats to our society like climate change.

• We will talk about recent lobby efforts in Washington and our recent and upcoming lobby efforts in Albany.

• We will review outreach events (like the recent Renewable Energy Fair in Albany) and plan some new ones.

• We will share hopes and concerns about our work on climate solutions.
And we will work on CCL’s recommended actions for the month.

Conversation, snacks, and plans for action. It would be great if you would join us!

The world is heating up; come join our work to make a change! 


For more information, contact Karen or Bruce Frishkoff
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