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Edinburgh and any distant contacts, United Kingdom, Scotland
ccledinburgh recommends Peter Wadhams' 2016 book 'Farewell to Ice'. Powerful evidence confirming Hansen's warnings in his 2009 book 'Storms of my Grandchildren'.
About Our Chapter
 20 Members.
Everyone is welcome to join us whether you want to meet and find out more about climate change and what we can do about it OR if you ONLY  want to add your name to support the aims of Citizens' Climate Lobby.
Email moc.t1506235410enret1506235410nitb@1506235410hgrub1506235410nidel1506235410cc1506235410 (No other social media are used).

 CCL Edinburgh was started because Carbon Fee and Dividend is the only fair, honest and practical means of stopping global over-heating.  We began as a group of retired professional people who have been working together for more than ten years to explain and promote the work of climate scientists, especially James Hansen, summarised in his 2009 book 'Storms of my Grandchildren'.
Hansen predicted that the first major impact of climate change would show in the Arctic and he predicted an accelerating change, not the slow gradual change most climate scientists assume.
Now Peter  Wadhams'  2016 book 'A Farewell to Ice' is of crucial importance because his 47 years of research gives compelling evidence that Hansen was right, Arctic changes are accelerating rapidly bringing major consequences for us all.

   At this stage of CCL Edinburgh development we are focussing on Education and Outreach, which is where our strengths lie.  Profound expectations and beliefs are challanged by the reality that our planet is over-heating with dire consequences. So helping people to face this reality requires great patience and sensitivity.  We use  presentations for larger meetings and discussions in small informal meetings, each of which is an unique event to focus on the needs of particular people. Everyone will be invited to such a meeting, small enough to offer the best chance of participating and learning but follow-up invitations may be with different people.

References: James Hansen 'Storms of my Grandchildren' Bloomsbury, 2009 ISBN 978-1-4088-0744-6 or ditto 0745-3
Peter Wadhams 'A Farewell to Ice: A Report from the Arctic' Allen Lane, 2016 Penquin ISBN 978-0-241-00941-3

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