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In May 2020 the national headquarters of Citizens Climate Lobby certified CCL-Snohomish County, it's 16th Chapter in Washington state and one of 600 chapters worldwide.   Citizens Climate Lobby is a nationwide coalition of 100,000 peaceful, non-partisan amateur climate advocates just like you and me.

Why do we do this?  Our primary beneficiaries are our grandchildren and their childrens' grandchildren ... and the entire living world. 

If you're just curious or ready to dive in with us, please don't hesitate to call Skip Short, the chapter leader at 253-670-5718 for a casual phone cha, or email him to share your interests and, or questions.  We meet at 7PM on the 3rd Wednesdays of each month on Zoom for now, with some upcoming meetings at the Snohomish Library. Just let Skip know if you'd like to sample what our meetings are like. You'll have fun and be inspired. 

Citizens’ Climate Lobby empowers people (through training, helplful procedural guides and meticulous coalition-building), to affect climate change more than any one of us could acting alone. We are succeeding to affect climate change by working with every Congressional official to build their political will to channel legislation and invest our tax dollars into addressing climate change. 

We are laser focused on science-based legislative solutions and a proven strategy to gain passage in Congress. We are working for the passage of a Carbon Fee and Dividend policy, the climate change solution economists and climate scientists alike say is the “best first-step” to preventing the worst impacts of a warming world.

We’ve seen firsthand how passionate, well-trained citizens, organized by district and with a good system of support, does influence the political process...and will reduce climate change.

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