Conservative Climate Lobby Day

A ‘Conservatives-Only’ Climate Solutions Day on Capitol Hill

Support is growing among conservative voters for climate solutions that meet the scale of the problem, are good for hardworking families, and that drive economic growth through innovation.  To help foster the leadership of climate-friendly conservatives, Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) is holding a ‘conservative only’ event in Washington, D.C.  At the event, you’ll:

  • Meet fellow conservatives from around the country working towards climate progress.
  • Get trained and enjoy conservative-focused discussion about climate solutions.
  • Participate in all-conservative lobby meetings on Capitol Hill on February 4th. You’ll be meeting with mostly Republican members of Congress, and maybe with a few key Democrats as well.

Polling confirms that conservative Americans are increasingly concerned about climate change, and want Congress to work on solutions. Climate champions are emerging among Republicans in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Conservative constituents speaking from the heart are exactly the trusted messengers to speak about climate action with Republican members of Congress.

Registration Fees, Stipends and Deadlines

$89 due at registration.

Stipends are available to help with travel costs based on your travel distance from Washington, D.C. You may request to waive your registration fee or request stipend assistance on your application.

Registration closes at 5pm EST January 13th, 2020.

About Citizens’ Climate Lobby 

CCL is a nonpartisan, grassroots organization focused on climate solutions. We welcome anyone as a volunteer who is serious about solving climate change, regardless of political affiliation. In Congress, we work in a bipartisan fashion – asking Republicans and Democrats to work together to solve climate change.  We hold two conference and lobby days in Washington, D.C. in June and November every year that are open to all volunteers. This conference is specifically for conservatives. Before registering, you’ll be asked to fill out an application, which will be reviewed by CCL’s conservative team. Once approved, you’ll be given the link to register.

The Venue


Capitol Skyline Hotel
10 I Street SW
Washington, DC 20024
Phone: (202) 488-7500

Rooms rates starting at $129+ tax per night for a double room. Book by Jan. 3, 2020 to receive this rate.

Reserve a room

Schedule of Events

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is invited to attend Conservative Climate Lobby Day?

Republicans, conservatives, libertarians and other US citizens who identify as right-of-center are invited to the Conservative Climate Lobby Day to support a Carbon Fee and Dividend policy to address climate change. We want Republican members of Congress to get the message that their current or future supporters want them to address climate change. The event is not for debating alternative options – but to support Carbon Dividend and H.R. 763 in discussions with Members of Congress.  

How do I register?

Please submit an application by filling out this form. Initial evaluation of applicants will occur in early November. Applicants submitting the form after November 6 will be notified in a few weeks if they qualify. It is anticipated that the application form will remain open through January 6th, 2020.

Is there a registration fee?

Yes, there’s a $89 registration fee for general admission. If this registration fee prohibits you from attending, you can request that it be waived as part of the application process. We will also have 3 levels of stipends to help with travel or lodging expenses depending on the distance you have to travel: $50 for less than 25 miles from DC; $200 for 25-200 miles from DC; $550 for over 200 miles from DC. All stipends come with free registration.

May I pay by check?

Yes. When you get to the payment section of the registration process, select “pay by check” and continue with the rest of the registration form. Please mail your check, made payable to Citizens’ Climate Education, to our office at 1330 Orange Ave #309, Coronado, CA 92118. Please put “Conservative Climate Lobby Day 2020” in the memo. Your payment must be received by January 20th.

What should I do if I need to cancel?

If you need to cancel, contact us as soon as possible by email or by phone at (619) 437-7142.  The lobby schedules are greatly impacted by last-minute cancellations, so we would appreciate as much advance notice of cancellations as possible. Any stipend received will need to be returned as a check to Citizens’ Climate Lobby. Please mail your check, made payable to Citizens’ Climate Lobby, to our office at 1330 Orange Ave #309, Coronado, CA 92118. Please put “2020 Conservative Climate Lobby Day” in the memo.

Can minors (those under 18 years old) attend Conservative Climate Lobby Day?

Yes! CCL believes in empowering young voices. Please note that conference attendees and lobbyists under the age of 18 require additional steps for registration. Here are the considerations that you should be aware of and steps you should take:

  1. All conference attendees and lobbyists under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian or chaperone. Chaperones must be approved by parents/legal guardians via a permission slip. Permission slips not received by January 13th may result in canceled registration and forfeiture of lobby spot.
  2. Both the chaperone or parent/legal guardian and the minor must be registered for the conference
  3. There is a limit of one minor per chaperone or parent/legal guardian on lobby day. 
  4. Minors attending with a chaperone must register and have permission slips completed by January 13, 2020.

Permission slips: A personalized permission slip link will be sent to you and your parent/legal guardian after registering. For any questions regarding your permission slip or attending the conference as a minor, please email our membership coordinator Sara Wanous at gro.y1628047661bbole1628047661tamil1628047661csnez1628047661itic@1628047661pihsr1628047661ebmem1628047661.

Are scholarships available for registration, travel, and hotel expenses?

We will have 3 levels of stipends to help with travel or lodging expenses depending on the distance you have to travel: $50 for less than 25 miles from DC; $200 for 25-200 miles from DC; $550 for over 200 miles from DC. Stipends also come with free registration.  

 Please fill out the application form to see if you qualify.

We also recommend talking with your Group Leader or State or Regional Coordinator about local fundraising if we are unable to help you with a stipend.

Are meals included in the registration fee?

There are no included meals. However, there will be an optional reception with hors d’oeuvres on Tuesday afternoon to celebrate our day on Capitol Hill. In addition , the area is packed with restaurants.


How are lobby schedules created?

All lobby schedules are coordinated at the CCL office with a program that prioritizes constituents and existing liaisons be placed in their district meeting if possible.

We cross reference the availability you provided when you register, and we place you into appointments based on your availability, your congressional district and state, and the need for volunteers to fill meetings where we do not have any or enough constituents to fill the meeting. We try to have no more than 6 people per meeting, depending on the number of people we have attend the Lobby Day.

We kindly ask that you love the schedule you get. The process of coordinating the schedule is complex and changes have domino effects. Often there are more constituents than space available in Capitol Hill offices. Sometimes congressional staffers have requested a limit on the number of people attending the meeting. If for any reason you cannot attend a meeting we ask that you notify the meeting leader, which can be found on your lobby schedule.

May I change the lobby schedule I receive?

We kindly ask that you love the schedule you get. The process of coordinating the schedule is complex and changes have domino effects. Often there are more constituents than space available in Capitol Hill offices. Sometimes congressional staffers have requested a limit on the number of people attending the meeting. If for any reason you cannot attend a meeting, we ask that you notify the meeting leader, which can be found on your lobby schedule.

About how many meetings will I have? How many volunteers will be on the lobbying teams?

For this lobby day we anticipate that each person will have 2 – 4 meetings with 4 or 5 people in each meeting. This is subject to change, of course, depending on how many offices we schedule appointments with and the timing of those meetings.

Who makes the appointments for lobby meetings in DC?

Designated CCL ‘Congressional Liaison’ Volunteers or Appointment Setters will make appointments with congressional offices. In some cases, CCL interns will make appointments. If you have questions about the appointment setting process or responsibilities, email gro.e1628047661tamil1628047661csnez1628047661itic@1628047661yma1628047661.

How are lobby schedules created for minors?

To attend the conference and to lobby, attendees under the age of 18 must submit a signed parents’ permission form by January 13th, 2020 (Send an email to gro.e1628047661tamil1628047661cnezi1628047661tic@p1628047661ihsre1628047661bmem1628047661 for a permission form.) The name of the parent or guardian that is accompanying the minor must be provided. Minors will be scheduled to lobby with their parent or guardian. There is a limit of 1 minor per chaperone.

Whom should I contact at CCL with my scheduling questions?

If you have questions about who is making the appointment or this process, please email gro.e1628047661tamil1628047661csnez1628047661itic@1628047661yma1628047661.

Can I request to be in a specific lobby meeting?

Yes, special requests must be submitted once you register. There’s a place on your confirmation email to request special consideration. Please keep in mind that we prioritize constituents to meet with their member of Congress, and there are no scheduling guarantees.

Will my Lobby Meeting Team have time to meet and prepare?

Plans for each lobby meeting will be developed before the Conference to guide our process and assure we connect our meeting to our long-term relationship with the office. You will receive a Meeting Plan for each meeting, and you will likely be engaged with making meeting plans where you are a constituent.

On Monday, we will have specific times set aside in the evening for you to meet with each of your Lobby Teams. These pre-meetings are important and allow us to define roles, review and adjust meeting plans, and introduce ourselves to each other before our meetings.

On Tuesday, we encourage everyone to try to meet up “down the hall” from the Congressional offices 15 minutes before each meeting so the Meeting Lead can assure that everyone is present and that the roles are clear before you walk into the meeting.

If you have any questions about your team’s meeting plans, wait until January 30th so that you know the appropriate meeting lead to contact. Once you’ve contacted your team leads after January 30, ask Amy Bennett at gro.e1628047661tamil1628047661csnez1628047661itic@1628047661yma1628047661 if you have any remaining questions.

How do I get ready for Lobby Day?

Whether it’s your first time lobbying or your tenth, visit our Prepare for Lobby Day page to read through our recommended resources as a guide to walk you through the process of planning a powerful Lobby Day experience and the upcoming calendar of deadlines, helpful links and trainings.

Can I drop in to a Lobby Meeting?

No, please do not just drop in to a lobby meeting or join a team you aren’t scheduled for. We put a lot of effort and advance planning into creating lobby teams, including making sure they aren’t too large and making sure everyone who is registered to lobby has a workable lobby schedule. Conservative Climate Lobby Day is not a drop-in event. Advance registration is expected of everyone who wishes to participate in the lobby day.

What is proper attire for Capitol Hill?

We suggest business attire for those participating in our Lobby Day on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, February 4th, 2020. As our Legislative Director, Danny Richter, likes to say, “In DC, if you want to be taken seriously, you need to dress seriously!”. We encourage a suit and tie, skirt/dress pants with a professional top and jacket, or a professional dress.

Everyone should wear comfortable shoes (or bring a bag big enough to hide sneakers between meetings!). There will be a lot of walking in D.C., and many seasoned CCL lobbyists can tell you about their sore feet if you don’t believe us!

Casual or business casual attire is just fine for the educational part of the event on Monday,  February 3, 2020. 

What should I do with my luggage/bags while I am lobbying on Capitol Hill?

We recommend checking your bags at the front desk of your hotel if you plan to leave D.C. on Tuesday evening. Make sure you leave plenty of time for your last lobbying appointment (it could start as late as 5:30 p.m.) to get back to the hotel, pick up your bags, and then get to the airport or train station.

Another option is to consider luggage storage services such as Vertoe or Bag Taxi.

We do not recommend taking your luggage with you to Capitol Hill. You may experience problems with security at the federal buildings, you will be doing a lot of walking throughout the day, and the House and Senate offices are all very small and cannot accommodate luggage.

How can I get CCL Business & Thank You Cards?

When you meet with your members of Congress and their staff on the Hill, you can look like professionals by presenting your own CCL business cards. Follow the instructions from Community Lobbying Resources to create and order your own CCL business cards. Also, don’t forget the thank you cards. You can either print them at home, use a local printer, or order them through CCL’s store.


What are the details on the host hotel?

The host hotel is the Capitol Skyline hotel, located at 210 I Street SW Washington, DC 20024. For conference attendees, the rate start at $129 per night, plus 14.5% tax. All rooms have two beds. This rate is available from 2/2/2020 to 2/4/20 if reserved before 1/3/2020. To get this rate visit our room reservation link.

How can I find a roommate?

In order to facilitate the coordination of searching for roommates you will need to sign CCL’s  Liability Waiver for the Room Share Forum. Read the terms on that page and express your consent to the terms.  After you click submit you’ll be redirected to the room share forum where you can participate in the forum for DC events.  To find the forum later, on Community go to Connect With Others -> Sitewide Forums -> General -> Room Share.

Are there other lodging accommodations nearby?

Hostels (rates vary between $26-$40/night for dorm style accommodations)

You also might consider renting through Airbnb.


How long will it take to get from the Capitol Skyline Hotel to Capitol Hill?

Walking to Capitol Hill from the hotel should take approximately 20 minutes. You may also consider a ride share option such as Lyft or Uber which would take about 10 minutes to get to Capitol Hill.

Is there a subway/rail system near the Capitol Skyline Hotel?

Yes, DC’s rail service is called Metro. The Green Line stops at Navy Yard-Ballpark station, which is a couple of blocks away from the Capitol Skyline Hotel. Check out this DC Metro Trip Planner for additional information.

How do you get from Union Station to the Capitol Skyline Hotel?

From Union Station, take the Red Line going toward Shady Grove (Northwest) to the Gallery Place-Chinatown station (two stops). Transfer to the Green Line toward Branch Ave. Take the Green Line six stops to Navy Yard-Ballpark Station. Once exiting the station, head north on New Jersey Ave SE toward L St SE, then turn left on I St. SE, the hotel will be on the left.

How much time should I allow if I am leaving directly from Capitol Hill to a local airport?

Allow 1 hour to get to your hotel to check out. Depending on which airport you are flying out of, you should leave yourself plenty of time to arrive in advance of your flight. Here is some information for the three nearby airports:

  • Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA), 3 miles from downtown, generally only services destinations fewer than 1,200 miles away. Check out this link for ground transportation options. This airport is very convenient. For less than $6, passengers can get from any location on the Metrorail system to the Metrorail station connected to Terminal B/C. Allow about 1 hour from downtown DC to DCA for your travel time.
  • Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD), 25 miles from downtown, has more carriers than DCA. Check out this link for ground transportation options. Consider the Silver Line Express Metroline to Bus option.
  • Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI), located about 45 miles north of Washington, DC, offers 650 domestic and 22 international flights daily. Check out this link for ground transportation options. You can take Amtrak from Union Station to BWI.  See Amtrak options from BWI. Allow about 2.5 hours for this option.

Is there parking at the Capitol Skyline Hotel?

Yes. Parking is $41.30 (including the 18% tax) per night and includes in and out privileges.

Is there a way to offset my carbon emissions for my travel to Conservative Lobby Day?

Volunteers wishing to offset their carbon footprint from traveling to and from the conference can do so via the United Airlines’ CarbonChoice program if you are flying via United, or use common carbon offset programs like Carbonfund or TerraPass to support projects designed to help reduce greenhouse gases.


Is there an app with the conference schedule?

If you have a smartphone, you can download the mobile app. You can even set your notifications to alert you when updates are made.

  • In your app store, search for “Grenadine Event Guide”
  • Once downloaded, open the app and enter in the event code: CCLD20
  • From the menu on the bottom, you can access the schedule, speakers, and other event information.