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Why support our volunteer-driven climate advocacy

What we do: We train our volunteers on how to best interact with their government, and then we get them in front of their members of Congress. No other climate group can match our nationwide reach or our constituent-led approach.

Lobbying might seem like a bad thing, but not when citizens do it. Here’s why:

  • It’s the best way for people to tell the government what we want. You might think government doesn’t know or care how real people feel on important issues like climate change. You’re right. And they won’t, unless we tell them. Probably more than once. 
  • Corporations and special interests are lobbying. They use it to advance their interests all the time. We use it to make sure that our government is hearing the interests of regular people, too. You know, interests like having fresh air, clean water and a healthy climate. 
  • Lobbying gets results. 2022 was the best year ever for the climate in Congress. There were many bills passed, including some bipartisan bills that will accelerate our transition to clean energy. And that’s thanks to the efforts of citizen lobbyists around the country insisting that the government pass real solutions

How we’re different:

We get regular people in the room where it happens 🏛️ By lobbying key decision makers, you can clean up more than your own carbon footprint. You can clean up the carbon footprint of an entire state or nation.

We’re nonpartisan 🇺🇸 Climate change has been politicized, but our approach is nonpartisan. We welcome anyone serious about solving the problem, and we work with members of Congress from both parties. This unifying approach makes our advocacy stronger and more effective.

We put relationships first 🤝 We know that the key to solving climate change is people. So, we work on building key relationships – in Congress and in our communities – to make progress happen.

What we’re working on: years of building respectful relationships and consistently showing up has made Citizens’ Climate a trusted partner in Congress. We work on passing legislation in the following key areas that will drive America’s carbon pollution down and ensure a healthy climate:

  • carbon pricing – the single most powerful tool to lower America’s  and the world’s carbon pollution
  • clean energy permitting reform – speeding up our ability to build and deploy clean energy
  • healthy forests – making sure America’s ‘lungs’ are healthy and abundant
  • building electrification and efficiency – heating, cooling and cooking with clean energy

Support our grassroots advocacy initiatives

Your monthly donation helps sustain our grassroots advocacy. Listed below are examples of how your monthly contribution could support our work.

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Donations made to 501(c)(3) Citizens’ Climate Education (above) are tax deductible. If you would like to make a non-tax-deductible donation, you may donate to 501(c)(4) Citizens’ Climate Lobby.