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How to Fight Climate Change


How to Fight Climate Change 🔥🥊


It’s not your imagination. It’s getting hotter.



Climate change is caused by burning fossil fuels, which traps heat in the earth’s atmosphere. The earth is overheating, just as if it were wearing a heavy blanket in the middle of summer. In addition to extreme heat, climate change is starting to have real impacts on Americans across the country. From extreme heat in the summer, to wildfire smoke, to disappearing snow packs,  our lives and livelihoods are increasingly threatened.  


To stop this from happening, we have to reduce carbon anbd stop our dependency on dirty energy and move to clean, safe alternatives like renewable energy. There are things that you can do personally to help. But, what will have a bigger impact is getting companies who burn fossil fuels and are causing warming to use other forms of energy instead.  


Every small effort counts, as it is through individual choices, advocacy, and the adoption of eco-conscious lifestyles that we can collectively help keep our planet healthy. We welcome students, seniors, and everyday citizens to join us and thousands of volunteers around the world in our collective goal of climate action!


1. Volunteer for the environment


Citizens’ Climate Lobby organizes by establishing 500+ local chapters in congressional districts nationwide. You can join us and find where to volunteer locally here.

2. Attend a free in-person or virtual climate change conference


We host some of the most popular climate change conferences in the nation. With two major conferences held each year and others throughout, climate change advocates join us from across the world. See our conference schedule and register today.

3. Take action and write to Congress


As citizens, we rely on our elected officials to represent our interests in Congress. But how can they do that if they don’t know what we care about? That’s where YOU come in. By writing a letter to our representatives, we can let them know what issues matter most to us and what actions we want them to take. And with climate change becoming an increasingly urgent concern, our volunteers are regularly telling members of Congress that it should be given top priority. Take action and make your voice heard.

4. Spread the word via social media


Social media is a powerful tool we can all use to tap into our network of friends, family, and peers. Help spread the word about climate change and solutions by sharing one of our popular posts. Help us spread the word!

5. Charge a polluter fee for carbon


Putting a price on carbon pollution is the most powerful tool available to reduce America’s carbon emissions. The benefits of pricing carbon include saving lives, affordable clean energy, job creation, and a stronger economy. See how effective putting a price on carbon can be for our climate.

6. Sign up for one of our Informational Sessions


We hold weekly information sessions for newcomers to answer any questions you may have. Learn more about Citizens’ Climate Lobby and how you can make a difference in creating the political will for legislation that will put us on the path to reduce the emissions that are changing our climate. Sign up for one of our webinars, held every Wednesday at 8pm ET (6pm PT).

7. Follow our social media accounts


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