Ask Senator Manchin about a Price on Carbon

We could have a price on carbon THIS FALL.

West Virginia holds the keys.

Senate Democrats are meeting right now to decide what they’ll do about climate change. Should they go big with a price on carbon or stay small? Support from West Virginia’s Senators is critical, and only West Virginians can persuade them.

What should I ask for?

Use our tool to:

  1. send an email
  2. call

You’re asking Senator Manchin to put a price on carbon in this year’s budget reconciliation. He’ll know what you mean. Senator Capito isn’t in the majority, but her opinions still influence the budget. And, plenty of Republicans support carbon pricing because it boosts businesses while addressing climate change. So, ask her to support carbon pricing as well.

Once you’ve emailed and called, get others to act.

You only need to write and call once yourself. But don’t go back to your regularly scheduled activities just yet. THIS IS OUR FIRST CHANCE FOR MEANINGFUL CLIMATE ACTION THAT CAN’T BE BLOCKED BY THE FILIBUSTER. Share this page with any climate-concerned friends, family and coworkers. Better yet, keep reminding them. They’ll want to take their shot to solve climate change, too.

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