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Who Supports a Price on Carbon?

Who supports a price on carbon?
Scientists, economists, Mayors, businesses, and 3 out of 4 Americans, to name a few


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Americans support a price on carbon

Nearly three-quarters of Americans support taxing corporations for the emissions

Nearly 3/4 of Americans support taxing corporations for their emissions

Americans broadly agree that the country should prioritize the development of alternative energy. We also like policies that will help drive a transition to alternative energy quickly and efficiently. Nearly ¾ of Americans support taxing corporations based on their carbon emissions, also known as a carbon price

“The United States Conference of Mayors strongly urges the United States Congress to pass legislation that imposes a price on carbon emissions sufficient enough to reduce carbon emissions in line with ambitions detailed in the Paris Agreement on climate change.”

– The U.S. Conference of Mayors

Leading scientists, economists, and other experts support a price on carbon.

Leading scientists and economists support a carbon price because it works fast to reduce pollution. Businesses support a carbon price because it drives innovation that will transform our economy, creating jobs and putting millions of Americans back to work.

28 Nobel prize winning economists

All living ex-Federal Reserve chairs 

3,500+ economists from across the country 

+100% of Elon Musk 

One thing that would matter — put a price on carbon. It’s the obvious move.

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX

Republicans support a price on carbon

75% of Republicans under 40

A majority of Republicans, especially young Republicans, want to see the government take action to limit America’s carbon pollution. 75% of Republicans under 40 support putting a price on carbon the money given as a monthly cash payment to people.

Growing political support

Support for climate action is growing among Republican politicians, who want to address climate change with solutions that solve the problem while creating a level playing field for businesses and taking care of low and middle income families. Recently, 25 Utah State Republican elected officials advocated for adoption of a price on carbon with a monthly cash payment.

I’m not one to have the government tell you what to do. I’d like to see less of the regulatory and more of those market forces that come with that predictability. And if that predictability means a price, I’m happy to talk about it.

Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK)