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Volunteer Spotlight: Hogan Dwyer

Volunteer Spotlight: Hogan Dwyer

By Emma Marvil

Hogan Dwyer“Carbon pricing advocacy is the most fulfilling work I’ve ever done, and I really appreciate the opportunity that CCL has given me,” says Hogan Dwyer. Hogan is a student at St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York. He’s majoring in Environmental Studies and Philosophy, with a minor in Outdoor Studies. Between his school work and his time spent running cross country and track and field, he works with several student environmental groups: DivestSLU, Seed-to-Table, and Environmental Action Organization. Hogan also interned with the university’s Office of Sustainability and was a Summer and Fall fellow with Our Climate last year.

That Our Climate fellowship is what led Hogan to CCL. “I found out that students could apply for free registration for the national conference in D.C., so I signed up for that and carpooled down with a group leader of Morristown CCL,” he explains. “I met many great members of CCL from around New Jersey and learned a ton about Carbon Fee and Dividend. The conference really sold me on the policy, and I’ve been a big advocate ever since.”

Since his time at the conference, Hogan has founded a new CCL chapter and worked with his hometown Board of Trustees to pass a resolution endorsing CF&D. Learn more about Hogan and his work with CCL below.

What do you like about CCL?

My favorite aspect of CCL is the very specific policy goal of the organization. We know exactly what we want and have a road map for how to get there. I also love the dedication of the volunteers. I am always amazed at how much time (and money) CCL volunteers invest in the organization. Finally, I appreciate that CCL connects constituents with their representatives, making democracy work as it should.

Tell us about your main efforts or projects within CCL.

My biggest personal success was garnering a CF&D endorsement from my hometown: South Orange, New Jersey. I presented to the Village Board of Trustees and convinced them to pass a strongly worded resolution in support. After establishing an official CCL campus group and community chapter (Canton CCL) in September of 2017, I began pursuing an endorsement from St. Lawrence’s President Fox. I also am working with the Town and Village of Canton’s Sustainability Committee on a letter of support for CF&D, which I hope will prompt the Town and Village governments to endorse. Similarly, I’ve started talking to the St. Lawrence County Environmental Management Council about seeking an endorsement from the county’s Board of Legislators.

What keeps you motivated to do this work?

I am motivated to act by a sense of obligation to do my part to mitigate climate change. I recognize my privilege growing up as a white, male, relatively wealthy U.S. citizen and having an enjoyable but carbon-intensive childhood. I want to balance out the impact I’ve personally had on our climate and also help protect those who cannot themselves afford to act on climate, or aren’t having their voices heard.

I am specifically motivated to work on carbon pricing because this country, as one of the world’s greatest polluters per capita, desperately needs action to slow greenhouse gas emissions, and a price on carbon could feasibly be implemented in a short time span with significant and long-term results. I specifically enjoy working for CCL because of the bipartisan aspect of CF&D, which is absolutely necessary to make sure the carbon price endures. I also appreciate the fact that the dividend will help the most needy in this country.

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Emma Marvil is an intern for Citizens’ Climate Lobby and a volunteer with the Atlanta chapter.