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Citizens’ Climate Board Members announce goal: Raise $150,000 in 2022

CCL and CCE logo

By Jerry Hinkle and Mark Tabbert

As CCL and CCE Governing Board members, we work for you, the volunteers.

It is an honor and a privilege to serve Citizens’ Climate as your board members. Everything we do is in support of the important work of our organizations. From working on budgets to goal setting, we ensure every major move is in line with organizational values and priorities. 

The countless contributions and unwavering commitment of Citizens’ Climate volunteers move us deeply. We remain inspired by the energy and tenacity of our many supporters, now in the hundreds of thousands. Thank you!

So, this year, both boards have together set the goal of giving and raising a total of $150,000 by the end of October (or earlier!). We know these dollars will be well spent on the programs that recruit, train, and support our incredible and ever-expanding corps of volunteers.

In addition to service as members of the Boards, we are both also dedicated volunteers in our respective states. We know the resilience and commitment required to persevere through challenging seasons in this work. 

We have seen firsthand the impacts of widespread support for CCE and CCL, and what our collective voices can do for democracy and the climate movement. It takes all kinds of people to make Citizens’ Climate work as well as it does. 

In setting this fundraising goal, we also recognize the importance of drawing our circles wider, inviting new people into the fold to become citizen lobbyists and to support this mission financially and/or with their time. This goal is another step of supporting the sustained growth of the organizations we love so dearly. Thank you for your partnership in this critical endeavor!  

If you would like to learn more about Citizens’ Climate board members, please visit the CCE Governing Board page and the CCL Governing Board page.