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Meet CCL’s 2022 Fellows

Meet CCL’s 2022 Fellows

We are proud to introduce to you our group of Conservative and Diversity & Inclusion Fellows for this year! We have six Fellows in total: three Conservative Fellows and three Diversity and Inclusion Fellows. These two groups started in January and will continue through December, and their work varies from outreach to communications to research.

The Fellows are all doing wonderful work so far this year, and we are excited to see what else they accomplish in the coming months. Read on to learn about the amazing group of Fellows we are lucky enough to have on board this year!

2022 Conservative Fellows

The Conservative Fellows are overseen by Nate Abercrombie, CCL’s Conservative Outreach Coordinator, and Andrew Eyerly, our Conservative Outreach Director. “It’s been exciting to see the Conservative Fellows accomplish so much,” Nate says. “Between having articles published in national media outlets, testifying on behalf of climate policies in front of state legislatures, and putting on College Republican recruitment tours, this group has more than proven their value to CCL and the Conservative team.

“I’ve enjoyed watching the Fellows grow during their time with CCL,” he continues. “They’ve always understood the importance of having conservative voices in climate advocacy, but now they know how to take action, and how to persuade others to join them in doing so.”

Meet CCL’s 2022 FellowsAidan Martin is a junior at USC studying History and International Relations with a minor in Legal Studies. Aidan joined CCL as a Fellow in July of 2021 because of the need he saw for more conservative voices in the climate space. Much of Aidan’s work involves college outreach with CCL chapters and young republican groups across the country while building momentum for the Young Conservative Caucus. Aidan has also led social media campaigns spotlighting the work of climate-conscious young conservatives and written op-eds arguing in favor of a business-friendly climate plan like a carbon fee and dividend.

Meet CCL’s 2022 FellowsThomas Hochman is a sophomore at the University of Vermont Honors College studying mathematics. He joined CCL as a Fellow in September 2021 with the goal of introducing the concept of a carbon fee and dividend to a broader conservative audience. Thomas’s work revolves around front-facing carbon pricing advocacy – mostly in the form of op-eds, essays, and letters to the editor, as well as the occasional podcast. The highlight of Thomas’s time at CCL thus far has been having his article on developing world climate action approved to run in The National Interest’s print edition, scheduled to come out later this spring. Thomas believes that we will have to make a multidisciplinary case for clean energy deployment if we are to encourage conservative buy-in – that is, we should focus on explaining clean energy’s role in national security, energy independence, and economic growth, rather than just in reducing emissions. He looks forward to continuing this work in the coming months.

Meet CCL’s 2022 FellowsHannah Rogers is a student at the University of Utah in Environmental Studies. Hannah’s passion for the environment began as a child when her dad would take her backpacking in the beautiful Uinta mountains close to her hometown. In her free time, Hannah loves skiing, hiking, running, and camping. To Hannah, working with CCL as a Conservative Fellow has been a fulfillment of her childhood dreams. 



2022 Diversity and Inclusion Department Fellows

Our Diversity and Inclusion Fellows are overseen by Karina Ramirez, CCL’s Diversity and Inclusion Director. “Through their work in our inclusion workshops and race conversations, these Fellows continue to help CCLers understand the need for more inclusion focus throughout the organization,” Karina says. “This year’s Fellows bring an already impressive community volunteerism background and they have an interest in environmental justice advocacy that can help us explore and possibly consider more equitable climate solutions in the future.”   

Meet CCL’s 2022 FellowsLauren Howard is proud of her Black and white biracial identity and was born in South Georgia and raised in North Atlanta, Georgia. She graduated in 2019 from Georgia Southern University with a degree in Political Science and International Studies. She enjoys being in nature, researching, and traveling to learn. With this fellowship, Lauren is excited to gain a deeper knowledge of the intersection of environmental justice with incarcerated and unhoused people. Lauren is our Diversity & Inclusion Fellow.


Meet CCL’s 2022 Fellows

Sasha Guzmán is an Afro Latina born and raised in the Bronx. She’s currently a junior in college studying Environmental Studies and English. “I love naps, books, cooking, and yoga,” she says. I’m involved in CCL because I’d like to expand my knowledge on the health of our environment, and to also be one of the voices advocating not only to make a serious difference in the world of climate change but for women and people of color as well. Sasha is our Latinos Engagement Fellow.