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Conservatives on Climate Change

Many American conservatives care deeply about the environment and climate change. Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a nonpartisan grassroots organization that welcomes Republicans and those who identify as right of center. Together, we work towards climate change solutions with their members of Congress.


Climate change threatens our economy, our military, our nation’s farms and landscapes, outdoor activities, and our country’s legacy to our children. We’ve been blessed with a powerful country, rich with natural resources. Our children deserve to inherit a land that is beautiful, not one that is burned out, depleted.


Join with fellow conservatives to change the energy we use to power our economy for a healthier, cleaner, and safer America. The best climate solutions incorporate conservative values and ideas.

Power Forward

Our modern lives wouldn’t be possible without fossil fuels, but fossil fuel emissions are exactly what is harming our climate, health, and livelihoods. It’s time to transition to clean energy sources in a way that powers America forward rather than dragging it backwards. Businesses can lead this transition and thrive. 


Citizens’ Climate volunteers support solutions in Congress that are effective and market-driven, driving down our country’s emissions at the level we need to address climate change while creating stable, well-paid jobs in every district across America.


Examples of policy areas we focus on include:


How is the fight against climate change conservative?

Through policies that avoid big government overreach, CCL advocates for legislation that spurs the economy, makes the country economically competitive, aids the military, provides resources to agriculture, and preserves the great American outdoors.


CCL’s current goal of passing a carbon price would charge a fee to polluters who are destroying America’s land and waterways, and return that fee to hard-working American middle class and lower-income families in the form of a dividend, or cashback. This price on carbon bolsters America’s economy by ensuring fair international trade with countries that already have a carbon price, such as Russia, China, and the European Union.


Additionally, the fight against climate change exhibits care for divine creation, while ensuring a viable, long life for all of God’s creatures.

Republicans in Congress: Ready to Lead With Climate Change Solutions

Conservative Republicans are hearing from their constituents about the impacts of climate change. They are ready to lead with conservative solutions.

  • The climate is changing, and we, collectively, have a responsibility to do something about it.

    Sen. John BarrassoSen. John BarrassoR-WY
  • I'm a Republican who believes the greenhouse gas effect is real, that climate change is being affected by manmade behavior.

    Sen. Lindsey GrahamSen. Lindsey GrahamR-SC
  • There's no question that we’re experiencing climate change and that humans are a significant contributor.

    Sen. Mitt RomneySen. Mitt RomneyR-UT
  • I’m not afraid to talk about climate change. We’re obviously pumping more CO2 into the air, and there’s a thing called the greenhouse effect.

    Sen. Mike BraunSen. Mike BraunR-IN
  • There is a growing consensus the days of ignoring this issue are over.

    Sen. John CornynSen. John CornynR-TX

Meet Our Conservative Supporters

Citizens’ Climate Lobby supporters are organized into local chapters which reflect the character and politics of where they are located. Each Chapter works with their members of Congress to enact climate change solutions. Conservative CCL supporters hail from all over the country and from different religious backgrounds, but all share Conservative principles. Meet Jacob.

Help Conservatives Lead on Climate Change

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