Editorial Endorsements

Citizens’ Climate Lobby has advocated for Carbon Fee and Dividend for nearly a decade. In 2019, members of the House introduced the bipartisan Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, which embodies the fee-and-dividend approach we support. We are now advocating for this specific bill.

Editorial Endorsements

Newspaper editorial boards play a crucial role in shaping the public conversation on climate change. Around the country editorial boards have come out in favor of Congressional action on climate and using a market-based price on climate to spur change.

Editorials Endorsing Carbon Fee and Dividend

The Auburn Citizen (Auburn, NY) 2018-12-02
Berkshire Eagle (Pittsfield, MA) 2018-11-30
The San Diego Union-Tribune (San Diego, CA) 2018-11-27
Grand Junction Daily Sentinel (Grand Junction, CO) 2018-08-22
Washington Post (Washington, D.C.) 2018-07-30
Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL) 2018-07-03
Greensboro News & Record (Greensboro, NC) 2018-06-25
Wisconsin State Journal (Madison, WI) 2018-06-24
Winston-Salem Journal (Winston-Salem, NC) 2018-06-23
The Norman Transcript (Norman, OK) 2018-06-10
Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, NY) 2018-06-02
Brunswick Times Record (Brunwick, ME) 2018-06-01
Moscow-Pullman Daily News (Moscow, ID) 2018-01-16
Arizona Daily Sun (Flagstaff, AZ) 2017-09-16
Toronto Sun (Toronto, ON) 2017-01-23
Dallas News (Dallas, TX) 2016-07-06
Madison Cap Times (Madison, WI) 2016-01-20
Lincoln Journal-Star (Lincoln, NE) 2015-12-16
Wisconsin State Journal (Madison, WI) 2015-12-06
Santa Rosa Press Democrat (Santa Rosa, CA) 2015-10-11
Globe and Mail (Toronto, ON) 2015-08-21
Moscow-Pullman Daily News (Moscow, ID) 2015-08-06
Iowa City Press-Citizen (Iowa City, IA) 2015-04-17
Duluth News Tribune (Duluth, MN) 2015-02-10
The Toronto Star (Toronto, ON) 2015-01-23
Columbia Paper (Chatham, NY) 2014-07-24
Gainesville Sun (Gainesville, FL) 2014-07-01
Madison Cap Times (Madison, WI) 2014-06-19
Daily Camera (Boulder, CO) 2014-06-15
Post Star (Glen Falls, NY) 2013-09-07

Editorials Calling for a Carbon Tax or Fee

The Seattle Times (Seattle, WA) 2018-10-20
Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, CA) 2018-10-12
Daily Camera (Boulder, CO) 2018-10-11
The Santa Fe New Mexican (Santa Fe, NM) 2018-10-09
Richmond Times-Dispatch (Richmond, VA) 2017-08-07
Washington Post (Washington, DC) 2017-07-09
Chico News & Review (Chico, CA) 2017-06-22
The Olympian (Olympia, WA) 2016-11-26
Jacksonville Times-Union Leader (Jacksonville, FL) 2016-6-06
Gainesville Sun (Gainesville, FL) 2016-4-27
Richmond Times-Dispatch (Richmond, VA) 2016-4-26
Houston Chronicle (Houston, TX) 2015-12-29
Houston Chronicle (Houston, TX) 2015-12-09
Scientific American Magazine (New York, NY) 2015-12-01
Bloomberg View (New York, NY) 2015-09-14
The Economist (London) 2015-06-08
The New York Times (New York, NY) 2015-06-06
MetroWest Daily (Framingham, MA) 2015-05-30
St. Louis Post Dispatch (St. Louis, MO) 2015-03-30
Daily Camera (Boulder, CO) 2015-03-23
Washington Post (WaPo) (Washington, DC) 2015-03-14
Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN) 2015-01-23
San Jose Mercury News (San Jose, CA) 2014-11-15
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Milwaukee, WI) 2014-09-22
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Milwaukee, WI) 2014-06-24
Green Bay Press Gazette (Green Bay, WI) 2014-06-16
St. Louis Post Dispatch (St. Louis, MO) 2014-06-03
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal (Milwaukee, WI) 2014-05-08
Lincoln Journal-Star (Lincoln, NE) 2014-05-08
Richmond Times-Dispatch (Richmond, VA) 2013-07-01
The Herald (Whidbey Island, WA) 2013-04-22
The Salt Lake Tribune (Salt Lake City, UT) 2013-01-27
Washington Post (WaPo) (Washington, DC) 2013-01-13

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