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Question:  What is the Climate Solutions Caucus?

Answer:  In February of 2016, two Florida Congressmen formed the Climate Solutions Caucus, a bipartisan working group in the House of Representatives. It is comprised of Democrats and Republicans working together to study, develop, and introduce legislative solutions to the challenges we face as a result of climate change.

By November of that first year, the Caucus had grown to 20 members – 10 Democrats and 10 Republicans. After the 2016 election, it dropped to 9 Democrats and 6 Republicans due to retirements and losses, but quickly recovered and continued to grow.

By November of 2018, the Caucus roster had reached 90 members, drawn equally from each party, [1,2] a sign of accelerating interest in bipartisan problem-solving in general, and specifically with regard to climate change. After the 2018 election, 27 members either retired or lost their seats, but the caucus was rebuilt under the leadership of founding member Ted Deutch, [3] a Florida Democrat, and the new co-chair, Florida Republican Francis Rooney. [4]

Even though the Climate Solutions Caucus members were not required to support a carbon fee and dividend plan, we were thrilled to see that all 10 sponsors of the 2018 bill (H.R.7173), as well as all six of the original cosponsors of the reintroduced Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act of 2019 (H.R.763) are Caucus alumni. We honor their commitment to the mission of depoliticizing our changing climate. In June 2019, the Caucus was re-launched by Congressman Deutch and Rooney and 62 of their colleagues from both parties to continue serving as a catalyst for sensible, effective, and fair bipartisan climate legislation. [5]

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