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Volunteer in Maine

Volunteer in Maine

Protect the Pine Tree State’s environment and the special place in which we live.

Local Issues in Maine

Raising awareness of climate change is a top concern in Maine. Rising temperatures have changed much of its landscapes, threatening residents and wildlife. We’re working to reduce America’s emissions — fast. Can you help? As a CCL volunteer, you’ll work with fellow concerned Mainers to address climate change.

Volunteer for the Environment

Maine’s natural beauty and outdoor wonder, as well as the jobs, businesses, and homes of its residents, are in danger. Every day Mainers feel the financial repercussions of climate change and its negative impacts in their local communities. Fortunately, there’s a way to help.


Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) is a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization with volunteer chapters throughout Maine. Our largest chapter is in Portland. We also have other chapters in Bangor, Belfast, Brunswick-Bath, Waterville, and the Western Maine areas.


We welcome all Mainers who are serious about solving climate change. You bring your energy, and willingness to work collaboratively with others on solutions. We’ll help you turn your alarm about climate change into action – influencing real decisions locally and in Washington, D.C. that will impact Maine’s environment.

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Volunteering Opportunities in Maine

Work locally with your group or on your own. You can put in a little time, or if you have the time and interest, can become a volunteer leader. Either way, we’ve got tools and training that will help you get there. As a volunteer, you’ll work with fellow concerned Mainers to address climate change through activities like these:

  • Lobbying Congress: We train citizens how to lobby in support of our by building friendly relationships with our federally-elected representatives. We’ll also teach you how to call and email your representatives and senators to move them forward on climate.
  • Media relations: Learn to engage with and influence the media. We write letters to the editors and op-eds, meet with editorial boards, and work to place stories in all forms of media.
  • Grassroots outreach: We recruit and educate the public on climate change solutions, citizen advocacy, and how to participate with one’s government.
  • Chapter and volunteer development: We grow our local groups and improve our skills as environmental advocates, helping us push more effectively on the other four levers for building political will.
  • Additional opportunities: Tabling events, making media presentations, and social media management.

Volunteering opportunities include:

  • Meeting with Maine’s Congressional leaders about climate policies that will help the state
  • Writing letters to the editors and op-eds in local Maine media
  • Educating your community about climate change and legislative solutions

In support of our Volunteers, we provide:

  • National staff support and connection with your local chapter. We’re in this together!
  • Monthly national conference calls with expert guest speakers
  • Weekly skill-building sessions
  • Online network with CCL volunteers across the U.S.
  • National climate change conferences

What can I do right now to help slow climate change?

Sign up to get started on volunteering for the environment with Citizens’ Climate Lobby Maine. We’ll connect you with a group in your local community and provide you with information about the training and resources you need and the volunteer opportunities available. In addition to volunteering, you can help now by:

Want to know more?

Please join our weekly Introductory Conference Call on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET, 7 CT, 6 MT, and 5 PT. There will be opportunities to ask questions and get to know more about how we’re working toward a sustainable climate.

“…The very best team in climate action.” 

-David K.; Scarborough, ME