Carbon Fee and Dividend Video

Citizens’ Climate Lobby has advocated for Carbon Fee and Dividend for nearly a decade. In 2019, members of the House introduced the bipartisan Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, which embodies the fee-and-dividend approach we support. We are now advocating for this specific bill.

This two-minute video tells the visual story of Carbon Fee and Dividend. Narrated by Ian Somerhalder.

Carbon Fee and Dividend Video Transcript

The climate is changing. Extreme weather is disrupting livelihoods and food supplies around the world. This is observed. This is documented. This is the scientific community’s consensus. The climate IS changing. Carbon emissions are driving that change.

Emissions come from burning fossil fuels. So if we want to slow — or even reverse — the change, we must lower fossil fuel use. By charging a fee on fossil fuels, and returning that revenue to households as a dividend, we can do just that… starting a chain of positive effects:

Fossil fuels become less desirable. Cleaner sources of energy become more competitive. The dividend creates millions of jobs. Carbon emissions go down.
Reduced air pollution saves tens of thousands of lives.

And climate change is brought under control.

We can make this happen. But enacting a carbon fee and dividend isn’t in our hands. It’s in their hands (Congress). How do WE sway THEM? What can WE do?

We can use our voices to express political will, and demand action. We must help our elected leaders work together. It’s on us to tell them what we want—as a group. Because when voices call out together, their impact multiplies.

Government can respond to the will of the people, provided we tell the government what we want. And what we want is a livable world.

This is what Citizens Climate Lobby works for. To EMPOWER citizens to connect with and influence their members of Congress. To spread the idea that each one of us can address climate change.

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