A preview of CCL’s December 2022 conference

CCL December conference

A preview of CCL’s December 2022 conference

By Katie Zakrzewski

The midterms have been pivotal in forecasting the political leanings of the next Congress, and CCL is poised to make a difference no matter who is in office. One way to make sure that you’re fully prepared for climate action going into the new year is to attend CCL’s free, virtual December conference!

This year’s conference, Dec. 3-4 with a reception on Dec. 2, will be held online through Zoom. You can register for the conference here.

Here’s what you can expect when you attend this year’s conference.

Compelling speakers

Our speakers will help volunteers understand the intricacies of policies and better messaging with their communities and policy makers. 

You’ll get to hear from some of CCL’s leaders, including Executive Director Madeleine Para, Vice President of Government Affairs Ben Pendergrass, Senior Director of Government Affairs Jennifer Tyler, and Research Coordinator Dana Nuccitelli.

Attendees will also hear from keynote speaker and former member of Congress Carlos Curbelo, who will speak from his experience as a pro-climate Republican about the importance of making climate a bridge issue and not a wedge issue. Attendees will also hear from high school senior Giovanna Santo, who plays a pivotal role as a teenager in the environmental movement and has helped guide her Florida chapter to growth and success. 

Shuting Pomerleau from the Niskanen Center will talk about carbon border adjustment mechanisms. Attendees will also hear from Xan Fishman of the Bipartisan Policy Center, Ari Matusiak of Rewiring America, and others. A couple members of Congress will join our closing keynote. Stay tuned to find out who!

Engaging workshops

The array of topics will be as interesting as the array of speakers.

In Dana’s plenary session, you’ll learn about the science behind CCL’s 2023 policy agenda. Dana will give an overview of carbon pricing, clean energy permitting reform, building electrification and efficiency, and healthy forests. 

In a session about carbon border adjustment mechanisms (CBAMs), CCL’s Kyle Kammien and Shuting Pomerleau will talk about how CBAMs can unlock America’s manufacturing and competitive edge and what to say to Congress to build support for these policies.

In a session on clean energy permitting reform, Xan Fishman and Ben Pendergrass will discuss the permitting reform policies we may see in the lame-duck session and in the new Congress. They will discuss why these policies are critical to accelerating the clean energy transition to meet our climate targets. 

On the topic of building electrification and efficiency, Ari Matusiak and CCL Vice President of Organizational Strategy Tony Sirna will discuss the process of making America’s buildings more efficient, as well as how to encourage local elected officials and residents to take advantage of rebates and incentives for electrification and efficiency.

In the healthy forests session, CCL’s Jamari Hartley and partners from American Forests will talk about protecting our existing forests and planting new trees to maximize their climate benefits through local engagement, partnerships, and national legislation.

CCL staff will lead a session about engaging with chapter volunteers, reaching the public, and finding new partners and allies. This session will help volunteers understand what they can work on after learning the new policy agenda, so they can be bolder, ready to work, and ready to jump into action. Staff will cover topics such as grasstops engagement and sign-on letters, new tabling resources, organizing your chapter around policies, creating a plan, and then forming partnerships.

Sunday seminars

The seminars on Sunday will go deeper into the material than the main conference breakouts. 

The climate advocate training seminar will help newer volunteers (and volunteers who need a refresher) understand CCL’s method and vision so you can get started. You’ll have a chance to participate in mock lobby meetings as well. 

In the conservative climate action seminar, attendees will hear from ClearPath and ClearPath Action CEO Rich Powell about the conservative climate action pillars that make the energy sector cleaner and more reliable, while strengthening the economy.

In the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) seminar, Dana Nuccitelli and Dane County, Wisconsin, Office of Energy & Climate Change Director Kathy Kuntz, will discuss details about the IRA and how states, cities, and other local municipalities can take advantage of the programs in the IRA.

In the diverse community building seminar, participants will gain a deeper understanding of their role in diversity and inclusion efforts in recruiting and retaining volunteers. This workshop will be led by CCL National Chapter Development Intern Danielle Whyte, CCL Diversity & Inclusion Program Coordinator Patricia Rubio, and CCL Diversity & Inclusion Director Karina Ramírez.

Attendees can also participate in the reception over Zoom on Friday, Dec. 2, at 7 p.m. ET. This reception will include an opportunity to socialize with other attendees and staff, dance breaks, and trivia. The CCL Action Team Fair will start at 8 p.m. ET, allowing attendees to meet action team members and learn what action teams are all about!

Eager to know more about the conference? Check out the schedule and updates as they become available here.

Katie Zakrzewski, CCL Communications Coordinator, is an avid reader, writer and policy wonk. With published pieces, as well as podcast and radio appearances spanning the country, Zakrzewski looks forward to using her talents to create a healthier planet of tomorrow.