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On Charlottesville

Charlottesville vigil Ryan M. Kelly/The Daily Progress/AP

A candlelit “vigil against hate” in Charlottesville earlier this year. Photo: Ryan M. Kelly/The Daily Progress/AP

On Charlottesville

By Mark Reynolds

“Political will for a livable world.” That’s our slogan here at Citizens’ Climate Lobby. Most of the time, when we talk about a “livable world,” we mean a world that has a stable, healthy climate for everyone to enjoy. But today, we’d like to take a moment and say very clearly that a livable world is also one where everyone can live in freedom and safety.

The bigotry on display by white nationalists in Charlottesville has no place in the livable world we’re moving toward. We want to reaffirm to all our members—especially our members who are people of color, immigrants or others who may feel threatened—we’re with you. You are safe and celebrated members of our climate community. We value your voices, your perspectives and your efforts to make a “livable world” in every sense of the phrase.

As we state in our core values, “Together, we are a community that offers one another comfort and support as we work.” Today, offering comfort and support means vocally, and completely, rejecting hatred.

To that end, Citizens’ Climate Lobby has signed onto a joint statement with more than 100 other environmental and conservation organizations. As it says, “No one who stands for justice, equality, and human dignity can stay silent any longer. We will stand unified against the white nationalist movement that everyday threatens America’s people and ideals, including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all. We will ultimately prevail by countering this hate with love.”

Mark Reynolds is the executive director of Citizens’ Climate Lobby.