Climate Hike 2015: Spend time in a natural wonder while fundraising for CCL

Climate Hike 2015: Spend time in a natural wonder while fundraising for CCL

By Ricky Bradley

The first time I saw Glacier National Park (GNP), I thought to myself, “This must be where nature goes to show off.”


I was dwarfed by giants rising majestically in all directions, peaks high enough to tear the clouds as they move past.  I found myself alternating between joy and amazement throughout my visit.

My favorite spot is Sun Point, a rocky formation that juts halfway into St. Mary Lake at GNP, located in the northernmost portion of the Montana Rockies. Surrounding the lake are sites as familiar as friends faces, Little Chief, Citadel and Fusillade, peaks who over time were carved by the same forces that excavated the earth below St. Mary’s waters.  And though there’s the presence of a steady wind at Sun Point, there’s a comforting silence.

What is etched into my memory is what I want future generations to experience. GNP’s unique topography allows for a collection of some of the world’s lowest altitude glaciers. However, it’s this lack of altitude that makes GNP’s glaciers both accessible to visitors and susceptible to a warming world. It saddens me to think others may never see this place the way I did.

Hikers from Citizens' Climate Lobby at Glacier National Park

CCL volunteers Adam and Heather Cohen, Eric Tucker, Swetha Kannan and Ricky Bradley gear up for the 2014 Climate Hike.

With this in mind – and the chance to fundraise for Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) – I participated in the inaugural Climate Hike in 2014.  Since CCL’s work is not done, I’ll return in 2015 for the 2nd annual Climate Hike.

Climate Hike forced me to combine something I love with something I loathe. Each hiker chooses a beneficiary and pledges to raise $2800.  Last year seven CCL volunteers participated in the inaugural Climate Hike at GNP, raising over $20,000 for CCL.  Last year the Climate Ride organization, granted over $725,000 dollars to 100+ beneficiaries.

When the notification about the 2015 hike hit my inbox, I asked myself, “How do we top last year?” After some discussions, the organizers of Climate Hike have agreed to host a CCL-specific hike if we can guarantee a minimum of just 20 hikers.  20 hikers raising money for CCL would mean three times as much money raised for CCL in 2015.

We at CCL are proof that citizens who are organized, disciplined, well trained and with a good system of support can more than influence the political process.  As CCL grows exponentially, the funding required to maintain and improve that system of support grow with it.

Call to Action

So a call to action goes out to all CCL volunteers or supporters who would pledge to hike on CCL’s behalf.  Those interested can get in touch with us using the button below.

I want to know more about joining Climate Hike 2015

On the Highline trail with the 2014 Climate Hike

Further details including the itinerary may be found on the Climate Ride’s Climate Hike website but keep in mind the dates for a CCL-only hike would be the week before the one currently listed on their website.

Ricky Bradley is the Regional Coordinator for TX, LA, MS and AL.