Bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus welcomes 6 new members, now at 84


New members from Florida, Kansas, Virginia, Massachusetts and Kentucky

Top row L-R: Reps. Bill Posey (R-FL), Lynn Jenkins (R-KS), and Brett Guthrie (R-KY). Bottom row: Reps. Bobby Scott (D-VA), Stephen Lynch (D-MA), John Yarmuth (D-KY)

Bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus welcomes 6 new members, now at 84

WASHINGTON, D.C., June 25, 2018 — The bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus just welcomed a wave of six new members: Representatives Bill Posey (R-FL), Robert “Bobby” Scott (D-VA), Lynn Jenkins (R-KS), Stephen Lynch (D-MA), ​Brett Guthrie (R-KY), and John Yarmuth (D-KY).

The caucus now has 84 members, evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats. With the addition of a bipartisan pair from Kentucky, the geographical footprint of the caucus has grown too.

Rep. Brett Guthrie, the Republican in the Kentucky pair, said in a statement, “After meeting with several constituents, including members of the Kentucky Citizens’ Climate Lobby, and hearing their perspective on environmental policy, I decided to join the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus. I look forward to representing Kentucky in this Caucus and working with my colleagues from both sides of the aisle to look at this issue.”

Florida Republican Rep. Bill Posey said, “Last year we formed the first bipartisan Congressional Estuary Caucus bringing together people with different perspectives to examine health challenges affecting our national estuaries and to educate Congress about the important role our estuaries play in our economy and communities. Because of that work, constituents have asked me to join the Climate Solutions Caucus, and I look forward to listening to the different points of view on those issues.”

Democrat Rep. Bobby Scott from Virginia said, “The Climate Solutions Caucus’ commitment to sponsoring meaningful bipartisan dialogue and federal action to protect our environment and combat climate change is deeply important. I’m honored to be a part of it, and I look forward to working with my colleagues to find meaningful solutions to these critical issues.”

Kansas Republican Rep. Lynn Jenkins said, “The Climate Solutions Caucus is an opportunity to engage in thoughtful and bipartisan conversation on how we can best take care of our planet and preserve it for the next generation, and I am pleased to join.”

“We’re thrilled with the continuing growth of the Climate Solutions Caucus,” said Danny Richter, Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s Vice President for Government Affairs. “In a contentious election year, it’s great to see these members of Congress making climate change a bridge issue instead of a wedge issue.”

He adds, “People may wonder why this is happening, and the answer is pretty simple: Democracy works! Republicans are joining the caucus because their constituents asked them to.” Many of those constituent requests came during a recent lobbying push by Citizens’ Climate Lobby volunteers. Nearly 1,200 constituents, hailing from every state in the country, attended more than 500 meetings on the Hill on June 12.

The primary goal for these citizen lobbyists is for Congress to support fee-and-dividend style carbon pricing legislation. But before any meaningful climate legislation can happen, members of Congress need a chance to have productive climate conversations across the aisle. The bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus is a place to have those conversations.

Richter explains, “In joining the caucus, they’ve grabbed the first rung on the ladder of climate leadership. It’s up to those constituents to help them grab the next rung, which is to sponsor meaningful legislation.”

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Steve Valk is Communications Coordinator for Citizens' Climate Lobby. Steve joined the CCL staff in 2009 after a 30-year career with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Follow him on Twitter at @valklimate.