Episode 7: A Conservative Approach to Climate Change

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Poet Lilace Mellin Guignard joins this episode of Citizens’ Climate Radio with a poem about winter.

Citizens’ Climate Radio is a monthly podcast hosted by CCL volunteer Peterson Toscano. Browse all our past episodes here.

Chandler Green

Chandler Green

When addressing climate change, we need all hands on deck, including citizens and lawmakers who are politically conservative. In the latest episode of Citizens’ Climate Radio, host Peterson Toscano interviews Chandler Green, a graduate student at American University researching strategic communications. Chandler shares her insights about climate communication and the need for Republican voices in the conversation. She also tells us about the growing #PutAPriceOnIt campaign on college campuses. Then to model climate communication for conservatives, Elke Arnesen reads the Gibson Resolution, a document created by US Republican members of Congress that provides a conservative call to address the causes and effects of climate change.




Art House

Joining us in the Art House is environmentalist, professor and poet Lilace Mellin Guignard. Her poetry has been published in many literary journals, and her book “Young at the Time of Letting Go” was published by Evening Street Press in 2016. She joined the podcast with a timely and moving poem about winters, present and future.


Many people responded to the last Citizens’ Climate Puzzler about the new Trump Administration. In this episode, hear two answers that address both local and national responses.

And here is our new puzzler: You are chatting with a neighbor and you mention your commitment to addressing carbon pollution because of dangers it poses. Your neighbor, let’s call her Lucinda, is genuinely confused. She says, “But back in school I learned how important carbon dioxide is for plants and photosynthesis. Our teacher said that without carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, we couldn’t survive.” What would you say to Lucinda?

Send in your answers by January 15, 2017, along with your name, contact info, and where you are from. You can email your answers to or leave a voice memo of 3 minutes or less at 570-483-8194 (+1 if calling from outside the USA).


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Citizens’ Climate Radio is a monthly podcast hosted by CCL volunteer Peterson Toscano.

Steve Valk is Communications Coordinator for Citizens' Climate Lobby. Steve joined the CCL staff in 2009 after a 30-year career with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.