All Politicians Can Win with Climate Laser Talk

According to a study done by Stanford researchers, Democratic AND Republican Candidates can gain voters and win elections by campaigning on the Climate Change issue[1]. In a survey asking adults how they would vote among hypothetical candidates, it was found that:

77% of people would vote for a candidate who made a statement calling for action on climate change compared to 53% for a candidate that is silent on the issue (the control), and 48% for a candidate that denies climate change.

Party Breakdown

The results get even more interesting when breaking out the parties.

  • Democrats: 74% of Democrats surveyed would vote for a candidate advocating action on climate change compared to 53% for a silent candidate and 37% for a denier.
  • Independents: Similar results are seen of Independents (79%, 63%, 44%).
  • Republicans: The study found that among Republicans, the position of the candidate on climate change had statistically no effect on the percentage of them that would vote for a candidate (83% would vote for a candidate silent on the issue). This means that a Republican candidate has nothing to lose among his Republican base and many independent voters to gain campaigning for action on climate change.

Skeptic Claims and One-Liners

Carbon Fee Skeptic Claim: When a member of Congress takes a position on climate, it is going to hurt them with voters.
One-Liner: Evidence from a 2010 survey shows that Democrats have much to gain by taking a position of action on climate, whereas Republicans have nothing to lose and much to gain.