All Politicians Can Win with Climate Laser Talk

According to a study done by Stanford researchers, Democratic AND Republican Candidates can gain voters and win elections by campaigning on the Climate Change issue[1]. In a survey asking adults how they would vote among hypothetical candidates, it was found that:

77% of people would vote for a candidate who made a statement calling for action on climate change compared to 53% for a candidate that is silent on the issue (the control), and 48% for a candidate that denies climate change.

Party Breakdown

The results get even more interesting when breaking out the parties.

  • Democrats: 74% of Democrats surveyed would vote for a candidate advocating action on climate change compared to 53% for a silent candidate and 37% for a denier.
  • Independents: Similar results are seen of Independents (79%, 63%, 44%).
  • Republicans: The study found that among Republicans, the position of the candidate on climate change had statistically no effect on the percentage of them that would vote for a candidate (83% would vote for a candidate silent on the issue). This means that a Republican candidate has nothing to lose among his Republican base and many independent voters to gain campaigning for action on climate change.

Skeptic Claims and One-Liners

Carbon Fee Skeptic Claim: When a member of Congress takes a position on climate, it is going to hurt them with voters.
One-Liner: Evidence from a 2010 survey shows that Democrats have much to gain by taking a position of action on climate, whereas Republicans have nothing to lose and much to gain.

ACT NOW! Tell your
Senator we want a
Price on Carbon
The US Senate is deciding right now what action they will take on climate change.
Now until August 10 is the critical time to get the Senate to go big on climate this year.