Jobs Gained from Carbon Fee and Dividend

Jobs Gained Laser Talk

As a result of Carbon Fee and Dividend, 2.1 million additional jobs are added above the baseline after 10 years and 2.8 million after 20 years than if we were to continue business as usual. The industries that see the most growth in jobs are health care and social assistance as well as the retail trade. This is because they are labor-intensive industries strongly affected by consumer spending. The dividend boosts consumer spending. The greatest losses occur in the mining (specifically coal) and utilities industries.

Increase in Jobs by Industry (national)

Notice from the graph that the combined losses in jobs suffered by the only 4 sectors that lose jobs are far outweighed by the increase in jobs in each of the top 7 industries alone!

Carbon Fee and Dividend would create 2.8 million jobs nationally compared with a business as usual baseline.

Increase in Total Employment (National)


Increase in Total Employment by Industry (National)